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#Reddit Registers Domains for Defensive Domain Registrations

So in case anyone was wondering why #reddit was down for many hours recently? Apparently #Kubernetes 1.24 got rid of node labels with the word "master", because when people see that word they get an uncontrollable urge to enslave other people I guess.

IT is full of corrupt terminology, like forking a child process. Every time I see the term parent I get the urge to stop programming and start procreating.

#operations #linux

If you look through the #Reddit r/twitter you see quite a few people fed up with #Twitter and talking about the technical issues using the app/site. I wonder how widespread this is. Maybe it's the reason for all the new signups on #Mastodon?

#SocialMedia #tech

#Reddit comment on #Trump’s impending arrest. 👨🏻‍🍳’s💋
Reddit headline and intro: Megathread: Trump Says He Expects to be Arrested Within Days. Republican presidential candidate and former president Donald Trump posted Saturday that he expects to be arrested Tuesday in connection with the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal investigation. 

The top voted comment is just great: Any chance he could be tried as an adult?

Re-inventing the federated wheel because you don't know that wheels exist

#Marvel Wants #Reddit to Expose Mods Suspected of Ant-Man 3 Leak

Mods cannot see IPs or any useful information except some metadata. Pointless.

#Reddit design and user interface changes

Reddit apparently made some changes this night.

The link card also looks inspired from GitHub, second screenshot.

ME is not active in consumer based MOBOs. The alliterated backdoor code exist only in Enterprise and OEM based SKUs.

I agree. That game between #Reddit and #Twitter of hiding posts based on topic, relevancy models, and auto moderator so frustrated me. It made me not want to invest in qualitative post since it would be suppressed. Since I'm strongly opposed to shit posting, it turned into a , "Why am I even on this platform?", moment.


#Reddit Asks Court to Protect Users’ Anonymity in Third-Party #Piracy #Lawsuit

I do not understand the drama, piracy is illegal, Reddit removed all links and everyone in the piracy scene uses a VPN.

I stopped using #Google News due to #privacy concerns, and it has really disconnected me from the world. Currently, my main sources are #Brave News and the bots I follow on #Mastodon. #Reddit News just became to moderated and subjective.

I haven't heard of #Nostr until you guys started talking about it a few days ago.

#Crypto has a lot of support, but the fact that most of the social media activity about crypto is on #Reddit and #Twitter says a lot. They all say they care about and want #decentralization but refuse to use platforms like #Mastodon.

I myself like #crypto, and I am invested in it, but only in the products that actually care about decentralization and have use cases other than using a stupid token. If a crypto solution actually cared about decentralization, it would use existing #tokens like #ethereum rather than creating a new one.

So, so be afraid. None of the crypto bros will rush to Nostr. Only the guys that think they can get rich and then just like any other crypto social platform, it will be flushed with low quality content and suffer due to the lack of #moderation.


It depends on the groups that you find yourself in. I am not #american, but I participate in some of the #politics on #reddit, and some of these people just go crazy.

Also, I have long-covid and lost my sense of taste and smell. This causes that some people would send me death threats for being vaccinated and "believing" in the "china virus"

Then you get flat-earthers. I am sorry, but they are just crazy to me. So I regularly get into arguments, especially on reddit, where I provide proof of the Earth being round. They just go insane spamming my inbox.

Then, if you are part of the #crypto community at all, you get I from both sides. People who are both for or against crypto.

The only truly wholesome group that has never been insane and has just been accepting is the #3dprinting groups here and on reddit. But that's part of their philosophy.

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