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Spannende Einblicke in den Alltag eines #Fediverse #Admin auf dem #fediversefachtag
Vielen Dank an alle Admins und Moderatoren, die sich um die #Instanzen kümmern. Ohne euch wäre ein so tolles Fediverse nicht möglich!!!

#Admin #IndiewebSocial

🔥 This server ( is now running the big new upgrade of Mastodon 4.2... Tons of new features, go see here, and specifically you should look on your user settings and will need to opt in to your content being searchable, should you wish it to be.

Details here:

And here:

#Admin #IndiewebSocial

Mastodon 4. 2 will be one of the biggest upgrades in a while, tons of very cool new featuers - far beter onboarding, full text search, far better remote UX, better hashtag support, and many more. See a good write up here by @shlee ...

Will shout when this server is upgrade to it!

#Hacker gains #admin #control of #Sourcegraph and gives free access to the masses


The hacker gained administrative access by obtaining an authentication key a Sourcegraph developer accidentally included in a code published to a public Sourcegraph instance hosted on After creating a normal user Sourcegraph account, the hacker used the token to elevate the account privileges to those of an #administrator. The access token appeared in a pull request posted on July 14, the user account was created on August 28, and the elevation to admin occurred on August 30.

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