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💛 “Course Examines How Newspapers Covered Lynchings”

Black communities don’t simply fall into disrepair; they die a slow and painful death of starvation of municipal funds.

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Is #peace possible between #Israel and #Palestine? A compelling article in @TheEconomist argues it's not only possible but imperative, and offers some practical steps to get there. Perhaps idealistic, not to say utopian but at least someone is thinking about it which gives me hope.
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Israel and Palestine: How peace is possible

White text on black background "If you want to understand how desperately Israelis and Palestinians need peace, consider what would become of them in a state of perpetual war. Against a vastly superior Israeli army, the Palestinians’ most powerful weapon would remain the death and suffering of their own people. Israel’s fate would be woeful, too, if it wants to be a flourishing, modern democracy. If Israel permanently relies on its army to subjugate the Palestinians, it would become an apartheid-enforcing pariah. Israelis carrying out daily acts of oppression punctuated by rounds of killing would themselves be corrupted. For two peoples locked in a violent embrace, peace is the only deliverance"
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"Time for that is short. Israel’s anti-Palestinian right will remain strong. Once this government falls, the next may have only a single term to rekindle Israelis’ faith that peace is possible. In the pa a new leader will face enemies who got fat under today’s rotten system. Whatever remains of Hamas will seek to wreck peace, as will Iran and its proxies, who thrive on chaos and strife. The Biden administration may be willing to press Israel; a Trump administration might not. If permanent war is not to ruin two nations, Israelis, Palestinians and all who cherish them must seize the moment."

This small, unremarkable-looking tree in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens has a surprising and poignant history which starts half a world and more than half a century away.

On the 9th of August 1945, the US dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Nagasaki in Japan. While almost every living thing was incinerated in the blast, a Kaki tree (known in Britain as a Persimmon tree) somehow survived.


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A small unassuming tree growing in Glasgow'a Botanic Gardens.

Today I woke up to the first snowfall! Snow always brings such a unique taste of silence.

And so I think it's a wonderful time for a new article that will perhaps bring you some silence too as today I contemplate exactly that.

📖 You can read at

🙏🏼 Wishing you a restful week


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Leaves with a bit of snow on top of them

105 years ago today, an armistice was signed meant to end war between France and Germany.
November 11: a day of remembrance, to mourn the dead, to empathize with survivors and victims and honor their losses, to appreciate war's terrible toll and wish for the blessing of peace everywhere. Today, France and Germany are at peace, staunch friends and allies to a degree that was hard to imagine in 1918, or in 1945. I want to see hope in that.

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A drawing of two trains in a forest clearing in France, the signing of the armistice on November 11, 1918. Panel from Jordan Mechner's graphic novel "Replay"