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"If we try to evacuate, we will be shot; if we stay, we will be killed."

The genocide continues.

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Der Palästinenser Hamza Howidy auf @tazgetroete über das Terrorregime der #hamas in #gaza , vor dem er geflohen ist. Wir müssen solchen Stimmen aus #palestine viel öfter zuhören und ihnen Gehör verschaffen!

„In der Zwischenzeit haben die Leute verstanden, wie die Hamas die Palästinenser manipuliert und benutzt, sei es als menschlicher Schutzschild oder zur Finanzierung ihrer Bankkonten.“!6020586

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They dropped 9 x 2000 pound bombs at the tents of displaced Palestinians.

They dropped 9 x 2000 pound bombs at the tents of displaced Palestinians.

They dropped 9 x 2000 pound bombs at the tents of displaced Palestinians.

All because they wanted to get 1 senior Hamas guy.

Over 100 Palestinians, most of them women and children were murdered, over 500 injured, countless numbers lost limbs and hearing.

But all the media is covering is that the orange Hitler got shot at.

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The idiots on planet Earth, busy with their dramas, hate, divisions, borders, competition. While they have global problems and common needs.

Their most popular news and activities should be about the wonderful rock they are lucky to be on. The creatures, the places, themselves. There are entire universes inside all of us. Inside even a single cell. There are endless stars and planets out there.

Intelligent species you say!?

Show must go on! The Caesar Roman general was nearly assassinated so now we can gossip, talk, debate, and be busy with this story for months or years. Some empire attacked another killing hundreds of thousands. Have you heard about the wife of the emperor cheating on him?

2024 is the same as 2024 BC. Same shit. Wars, conflicts, gossip, decimation of other creatures and destruction of the environment.

Same idiots, only that now we have internet, electricity and airplanes.

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"Argentina officially designates Hamas as a terrorist organization"

"The designation was made as a sign of support to Israel, citing the October 7 massacre that the terrorist group committed."

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"IDF says it killed Shejaiya battalion deputy chief, found Hamas command room at UNRWA site"

"Ayman Shweidah killed alongside 2nd seasoned commander, says army; troops find weapons cache, room used to observe Israeli troops at UN compound; Hamas says dozens found in rubble"

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I bought an electronic device from #Aldi maybe 1 year ago (before I was boycotting them over #Israel). Now the device quit working, so I tried to return it. Aldi refused saying there is a 60 day return policy. Aldi is breaking the EU law that requires merchants to accept returns under the 2-year legal warranty on electronics.

"The #EU's rights watchdog has said increased #antisemitism began before #Israel declared war on #Hamas. Many #Jews reported hiding their identity and avoiding #Jewish events out of safety concerns, the FRA agency said."


on the paused US shipment of 500-pound & 2000-pound bombs to Israel

The US is now sending the 500-pound bombs bcz they "were only delayed because they were caught up in the same shipment as the 2,000-pound bombs.

“Because our concern was not about the 500-pound bombs; those are moving forward as part of the usual process."

A 500-pound bomb can kill anyone within a 20-metre radius.

A 2,000-pound bomb has a destruction radius of 35 m.

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Watermelons & bombs

Watermelons are pictured on the ground as smoke rises from the Gaza Strip, as seen from Israel on Wednesday [Amir Cohen/Reuters]


Lol! #LATimes calls #synagogue security in #LosAngeles pro- #israel vigilantism and #zionist defense training.

Every day this country gets weirder and more fucked up. Being #Jewish here is getting stupid.

"The Times’ caption, which ran under a photograph of protesters at City Hall objecting to the measure, described the motion as funding for “Pro-Israel vigilante/security companies for Zionist defense training,

"'Israel’s intentional and targeted starvation campaign against the Palestinian people is a form of genocidal violence and has resulted in famine across all of Gaza,' 10 independent UN experts said in a statement on Tuesday."

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The same newspaper, just one day apart. Notice the difference? This is how Western media help downplay genocide and manufacture consent for war crimes.

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@Catawu Denying the bombing of hospitals by a genocidal regime? So they’re taking a page out of the US government’s playbook on Gaza, then? That Elon, always learning from the best.

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This is the same technology that’s being used by Israel to sort Palestinians for murder in Gaza.

Let that really sink in.

Now remember your local police department is salivating over it too.

Oh, and fascism is on the rise globally.


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This is my elder sister, Ameera. She graduated from medical school last summer and has been tirelessly volunteering in clinics and hospitals since the war began. For nine months, she has bravely helped the injured and sick, never giving up. Two days ago, she contracted Hepatitis A from the hospital. Please help us and save my family from the devastation of this war🇵🇸❤️🍉😩.🔽
Link :
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The IDF has found another Hamas command and control room in a school and health clinic.

Why is this important?

It's important because there are people saying that Israeli army is violating war crimes by attacking schools, but Hamas is committing war crimes by using a school and health clinic as a military center, thereby forcing Israel's hand in attacking schools and hospitals.

This is not the first, second, or third time either.

Fuck Hamas so hard for this.

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In the rugged desert of Israel, amidst the timeless beauty of the Dead Sea, lies Masada—an ancient fortress that embodies the spirit of resilience and determination.

Perched majestically on a towering plateau, Masada whispers tales of courage and defiance against all odds.

Here, against the backdrop of history etched in stone, we learn that strength is not just physical, but also the unwavering resolve of the human spirit.

Masada stands as a testament to the enduring will of a people who chose freedom over surrender.
Let us remember that like those who once stood here, we too can overcome our obstacles, scale the heights of our ambitions, and fortify our spirits with the indomitable courage that Masada symbolizes.

May the spirit of Masada continue to inspire us all to reach for greater heights, uphold our values, and cherish the freedoms we hold dear.

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We have become so accustomed to seeing reports of #Israel committing war crimes by targeting hospitals in #Gaza that when #Putin employs the same tactic, this time destroying a children's hospital in #Kyiv, the news is met with a shrug.

Saree Makdisi's "Tolerance Is a Wasteland: Palestine and the Culture of Denial" shows just what a sham Israeli liberalism always was and continues to be.

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The IDf reported that soldiers of the Nahal Reconnaissance Unit located and destroyed an underground storage facility in the Rafah area, where weapons, explosives, ammunition, and rockets were found.

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“Israel does not have the military capacity to be doing both Hamas and Hezbollah conflicts. I worry that means us sending more resources or in the case of full-out war, intervening for the Israelis,” the second State Department official said.

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While most American Jews remain broadly supportive of Israel, others have protested vigorously against U.S. support for Israel and are demanding a cease-fire in the Gaza war.

They carry signs saying “Not in Our Name.”

They’re carrying on a long tradition of American Jews who have opposed Israel’s actions.
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Two things strike me about this clip..

1. The protester is undaunted by the fact he's standing all on his own in front of several cops.

2. The Japanese cops are polite and courteous towards him, something we in the West haven't witnessed in ages, if ever.

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Sehr wichtiger Artikel in der @tazgetroete:!6017743/

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