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#Pleroma #Hack

Offloading your config to use config.exs instead of the database config speeds things up quite a bit.
It's also easier to back up.

My load average was sitting at like 0.50 pretty consistently before the change.

Now, if I'm not using my instance, it's like it's not even on.

IMO, Pleroma is the best option if you are looking to host your instance on something small and lightweight.

It is powerful, dynamic and comes with all the bells and whistles.

Load Average 0.9, 0.7, 0.9

If you’re planning on hosting your own instance on the fediverse, you might wanna take the time to think about not using #Mastodon.

It’s a really heavy, and resource-consuming, piece of software. Plus your server’s drive will get filled really fast (even though you can clear the cache on a regular basis).

If you’re, even slightly, into #SustainableDesign, please consider using Pleroma / Akkoma. A single-user instance can run on a RasPi!

If you want a slick interface (which you don’t have on Mastodon anyway :blob-grin: ) we’re always improving #Mangane. :blob-lurk:

Or you can use one of the many existing clients since #Pleroma & #Akkoma are compatible with Mastodon’s API.

@jaredwhite That's what I just said. I know there's more than one federated #TwitterReplacement. There's at least 15. I don't need 15 Twitter replacements. I don't need two Twitter replacements. I need one Twitter replacement.

I agree that, from a technical perspective, #Pleroma might be a better #Twitter replacement than #Mastodon. The native #markdown support alone wins in my book. (Though the 5000 character default would kill me - it takes me long enough to make 210 posts)

But I have a few questions: how do I choose a Pleroma instance? How do I find my Twitter friends on Pleroma? How do I connect my Pleroma account and my Twitter account so my posts automatically tweet as well? Where can I find a list of good accounts to follow on Pleroma? What are the best (regularly updated) Pleroma apps?

Replace "Pleroma" with "Mastodon", and those questions are Googleable. Until the same is true of Pleroma, it's useless to me and the #Twefugees like me.

the Irony is that #ActivityPub solves this (in theory). It has an entire part on client-server communication. Basically how your app should talk to your instance.

Yet. Mastodon never implemented this. Instead it built a custom "#REST" API. And then all the alternatives, from #pleroma to #gotosocial reimplement that #API, bug-for-bug. And all clients (apps, frontend, bots) use that.

Mastodon is unwillingly, unkowingly doing a vendor lock in.

🕸️ “The Federated #SNS Timeline” (#Fediverse history). Key events in the #history of federated #socialnetworks.

Q: Who first coined the “fediverse”?

Q: What was the first fediverse #protocol?

Q: Who are the lead developers?


I hope this consolidated timeline is useful for the community, and writers.

New! Git repo!
* main:

* mirror:

Enjoy! ^_^

#CCBYSA 4.0 International


#FederatedWeb #SocialWeb #Federation #Web3 #Web30 #YourOnlyOne #Misskey #Friendica #Pleroma #Hubzilla #Mastodon #diaspora #ActivityPub

This one goes out to recently arrived or aspiring Twitter refugees

fedistar - Multi-column #Mastodon and #Pleroma client for desktop


I got tired of forgetting where the #RSS / #Atom #feeds are on various #Fediverse platforms and having to track them down, so I started a list.

Currently covers *deep breath* #Mastodon, #Bookwyrm, #Funkwhale, #GoToSocial, #Lemmy, #Misskey & forks, #Pleroma & forks #PeerTube, #Pixelfed, #Plume, #Snac2, #Takahe, and #WriteFreely


Feel free to let me know what I should add to the list (or any corrections I need to make) in a reply to this post!

Frage zur Funktionalität von Foren für verschiedene Fediverse-Dienste

@Friendica Support
Ich habe ein öffentliches Forum erstellt, also einen Account mit diesen Einstellungen:

Dabei bin ich nach dieser Anleitung vorgegangen:
Hier wird ja erläutert, wie Foren für Friendica-User funktionieren.
Ich frage mich nun, wie es mit anderer Fedi-Software aussieht:

Mastodon-User können mW keine neuen Beiträge erstellen, sie können nur den Foren-Account taggen, der dann als Verteiler diesen Beitrag (automatisch?) teilt. Und sie können dem Account folgen, und erhalten dann die Beiträge des Forum bzw. die von ihm geteilten.
Es verhält sich also ähnlich wie aguppe.
- Ist das soweit richtig?
- Und wie sind die Funktionen für andere User, bspw. von #Misskey #Calckey #Hubzilla #Pleroma #Lemmy ?

For people using #Pleroma, #Akkoma or #GlitchSocial accounts, think to turn on Extra features in settings.
Also, you can join the beta channel on Google or Fdroid.

This article from #Gandi landed in my mail inbox today. Interesting to see their primary suggestion for a user to self-host on the #Fediverse is to install #Pleroma, not #Mastodon.