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✨ v0.11.5 is now available!

This release includes several improvements, bug fixes and more! #pixelfed

Instagram Inhibits Inclusion

They changed the account data export schema (json) in a way that makes it more challenging to parse/structure your own data/posts.

✅ Challenge Accepted

Not only are we working on Instagram Import, we're also reaching out to NOYB regarding challenging IG data exports to meet EU regulations.

Thanks to @NGIZero for suggesting NOYB, we're ready to fight for data sovereignty.

#pixelfed #instagramImport #dataSovereignty

Will #Pixelfed be able to add more than one link field in the future like #Mastodon, #Misskey & (I think) #Pleroma

Improved Instance Management + Mass Moderation Support

✨ Autocomplete search
✨ Browse instances faster
✨ Download mod backups
✨ Filters & Sorting
✨ Instance notes
✨ Import mod backups

Easily share and import community blocklists from the admin dashboard.

Now available 🎉 #pixelfed #moderation

Pixelfed supports the ability to disable comments, and has for a few years now.

I need to finalize my FEP for this and update our API to better handle this so 3rd party clients (mobile apps) properly handle this. #activitypub #pixelfed

Found 1 new servers, 6 servers died off this update, 21,946 alive servers now at 03-20-2023 21:13 PT.

8,578,900 Total Alive User Accounts, 1,469,228 Monthly Active Users. Check out the stats!

New #fediverse servers found: a #pixelfed server from United States

Dead servers:

Help others find a home, send them to

Impressed with Nostr when it comes to login with ONE identity and use it in ANY app. It allows users to try as many apps as they want without creating new accounts one each of them

That is still the main headache to many activitypub fediverse users that will probably never be solved

#nostr #protocol #mastodon #pixelfed #pleroma #rebased #misskey #opensource #foss #fediverse #misskeydev #social #network #socialnetwork #microblog #activitypub

Re-inventing the federated wheel because you don't know that wheels exist

✨ Pretty. Powerful. Portfolios.

Curate and customize your Pixelfed Portfolio with many new options!

Now available, special thanks to @NGIZero for funding this feature! #pixelfed #portfolios
Pixelfed portfolio

WeChat (not the mainland version!) is blocking @pixelfed:

“This page cannot be accessed now

Based on user reports and Tencent’s web security checks, it has been determined that this webpage contains malicious scam content. Access has been blocked to maintain a safe online environment.”

(The photo I’m linking to is a cute little nutria.)

#pixelfed #wechat #block
Link posted to a Pixelfed image on WeChat
WeChat error message for the link:

“This page cannot be accessed now

Based on user reports and Tencent’s web security checks, it has been determined that this webpage contains malicious scam content. Access has been blocked to maintain a safe online environment.”

Our 3rd grant application to @NGIZero has been approved! 🎉

The grant will fund the following features:

- Federated Groups
- Account Migrations (pixelfed <-> pixelfed)
- Parental Controls + Roles
- Silo Imports (Import from Instagram)
- Portfolios (rss, ap, customization)
- Federation Improvements
- WebP2P Support
- Resilient Media Storage
- Improved Spam Detection

If you'd like to contribute too, visit - every dollar helps ❤️ #pixelfed #activitypub #fediverse

✨ Report Emails for Admins

Server admins will soon have the ability to enable report email notifications to any email address (or multiple).

When enabled, admins will receive an email like this whenever a new report is created or a potential spam post is detected.

Pixelfed admin autospam report email
Pixelfed admin report email

✨ 500 spots added to the #pixelfedApp TestFlight beta!

Join the official mobile experience today! #pixelfed

@atomicpoet why can’t I visit a #pixelfed website and just browse images without logging in?

This feels like Instagram - forcing me to create an account and login. Walling me off from just scrolling pictures feels coercive.

Maybe I’m confused and not “walled off” but it certainly wasn’t obvious to me how to do it when I visited and

I’m trying to experience the Fediverse like a “normal” non-techie and the UX remains a hurdle.

I guess no one can log in to their @pixelfed 's account from 3rd party web clients 🤷‍♂️

CORS error from Pixelfed's OAuth token endpoint

People are understanding...

#DuckDuckGo is a search engine.
#Friendica is a journal to share with your friend.
#PixelFed is a public photo album.
#Mastodon are micro-blogging websites [sic].

They all are not companies advertising.

Do you want to display a Mastodon account's public posts filtered by hashtag?

There's a way to do it using their profile page's web address:

1. Go to the account's original page on the web (more info:
2. Add /tagged/(hashtag, but without the #) on the end of the original page's web address

So, for example, if you wanted to see posts on my account tagged with #Pixelfed the address would be:

Agreed! Looking at my #Instagram settings, I actually did this for a variety of words, not just epithets.

It's a great feature to prevent spammers from marketing their various quick-get-rich schemes in the comment section as well.

Hmmm…I wonder if #Pixelfed has this feature‽ I need to check!

Lots of updates coming to the #pixelfedApp later today 🚀

✨ Preserve app settings when switching accounts
✨ Pinch to zoom
✨ Improved Discover
✨ Moderate Posts

We also shipped a fix for follower/following counts last night, update your instance! #pixelfed
Pixelfed mobile app, account switcher with Preserve App Settings Pixelfed mobile app, improved Discover
Pixelfed mobile app, full screen photo viewer with pinch to zoom and alt text Pixelfed mobile app, moderate posts menu

If you would like to follow me over on PixelFed, you can do so via the link below.

I will be doing my best to post pictures from my New York City trip next week to that platform.

#PixelFed #Pictures #Photos #Fediverse #NYC
Image of the PixelFed logo.

Pixelfed is funded by people like you!

Each donation helps sustain project development, domains and server costs

Every dollar helps ❤️ #pixelfed


I think it’s time for an #introduction!

Vernissage is available on the TestFlight for iOS, it's simple #Pixelfed client focused only on photos. You won't find other types of media in it (like movies).

- Simple and clear interface.
- Timeline focused on photos.
- It's 100% free!

Download, play and boost so the whole Fediverse can know about it!