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I don't really mind decentralization at first, and till now I'm still don't really care about decentralization too much. What I really like on #Fediverse is the sheer freedom it has. Just want to use #fediverse without further ado, fine, here is joinmastodon, just choose big server without thinking too much then toots and boosts. Don't like your instance admin's policy, fine, migrate to other instance. Want absolute control on your data, fine, host your instance yourself. Don't like mastodon, fine, there are #akkoma, #pleroma, #calckey, #misskey, #microblogpub, #snac, #gotosocial, #hubzilla, #ktistec, etc.. #Fediverse is ripe for experimentations and thinkering, I like it. :)

Gerade habe ich mal wieder in meine #Hubzilla Instanz geschaut. Ich bin wieder fasziniert davon, wie angenehm es ist, dort durch die ungelesenen Posts zu schmökern! Das ist so genial und so auf keiner anderen Instanz Software zu haben.
Würde der AP Support besser sein (und die Community dahinter nicht so evangelistisch), würde ich sofort Hubzilla als meine Hauptsoftware für's #Fediverse nehmen.

@jupiter_rowland @atomicpoet @Mastodon @helge "In other words: You'd either have to cut Hubzilla down to Mastodon's capabilities or inflate #Mastodon to be able to do everything that #Hubzilla can do plus everything that #Funkwhale can do plus everything that #PeerTube can do plus everything that #BookWyrm can do plus everything that..."

Products can support an open standard alongside functionality that isn't covered by said standard, for the sole purpose of interoperability.

Hubzilla 8.2 Released!

Re-inventing the federated wheel because you don't know that wheels exist

@Kevin Davidson @maegul @Fediverse News Alternatively, take the big leap, use #Hubzilla for everything and give up the clean look provided by #Plume and #WriteFreely for something that's actively maintained.

@TeaPolitics @Jon @Chris Trottier @Fediverse News Why wait for so long? There are plenty of projects in the #Fediverse with "features twitter only dreams it could pull off." The Fediverse isn't only #Mastodon.

Right now, I'm actually posting from a project that has been out-featuring the #birbsite by out-right titanic magnitudes since 2015, the year before Mastodon was released. #Hubzilla could mop the floor with a tag team of Facebook and Google Cloud Services.

@Alex0007 I've got a blog on #WriteFreely myself. It used to be on #Plume before that, but then the instance disappeared without a notice, and at that time, Plume seemed to be half-dead anyway.

Should everything else fail, I can still move the posts to #Hubzilla itself. They won't be as distraction-free, but they'll be on the same domain and project as embedded pictures.

Picture placement compatibility test

Join the Fediverse Wiki

@Fediverse News Not news, but do you know the Join the Fediverse Wiki?

If you don't, here it is: Join the Fediverse Wiki


(On a sidenote: I'm trying to start a thread in a #Friendica group from #Hubzilla here.)

definitely ran into some straight up Nazis on #Hubzilla. They seem to like using a literal mug shot of an offender with BEAST tattooed on his forehead as their profile pic.

@Mikko Alasaarela :equel: @Fediverse News This very thing that @Chris Trottier has mentioned has been implemented in the #Zot protocol and has been in daily use on #Hubzilla since 2012. It's not utopic, it's not science-fiction, it's not someone's fever dream, it has been a real thing for longer than Mastodon and ActivityPub.

And Hubzilla is every bit as decentralised as Mastodon, if not more so. It has a lower user-to-instance ratio than Mastodon, and it doesn't have an "official lighthouse instance." Anyone could run it on a LAMP stack at home or on rented server space.

@Chris Trottier @Fediverse News The only advantage #Bluesky will have over 13-year-old federated jack-of-all-trades #Hubzilla that has had #NomadicIdentity since 2012 and even over younger and sleeker #Streams will be the availability of an iPhone app, especially one that bears the same name as the project itself. Hubzilla and Streams can only be used in Web browsers, and especially Hubzilla has a less-than-optimal UI for its overwhelming pile of features.

In all other regards, everything that Mike Macgirvin has made since #RedMatrix (that's seven project names) would mop the floor with Bluesky, not to mention that almost all of it has also supported #ActivityPub and therefore federated with Mastodon; Hubzilla (optionally) and Streams (by default) still do. Bluesky probably never will; it isn't meant to complement the Fediverse, it's meant to replace and destroy it.