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As Judd Legum reports, the superintendent of the Charlotte County, Florida, public school system, Mark Vianello, has ordered schools in the district to remove all books with LGBTQ characters or themes from school and classroom libraries. This ban is not directed to books considered to have sexual material — it's a ban of any book that has a character who is LGBTQ.

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Hermajestie the Hung told us, “I was given spaces to explore the real me, not the me that I had to be in order to stay alive. #Drag is so healing.”

In Digital Editor Kit @oconnell's #Culture feature from our magazine, the performers of #Austin celebrate their art in defiance of persecution:

(📸 #Photography by Cindy Elizabeth, with Kit O'Connell)
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Ray Ray Topaz, an older Black drag queen who looks like Tina Turner, performs in a black outfit with pink and black jacket, standing with her arms spread wide behind her proudly, the microphone in one hand. The sign language interpreter stands to one side. A Black woman with a very tall up-do and big hoop earrings, wearing a leopard print coat. She's holding a blue costume bra top in her hands as she stands in a backstage area.
Hernajestie the Hung, a muscular, skinny Black drag queen in a sea green mermaid costume, makes an elegant gesture while holding an oversized prop fork. Her hair features bright red braids and shaved sides. An older Black drag queen, who looks like Tina Turner, adjusts her black wig with her hands, as she looks at herself in a lit backstage mirror decorated with a garland of pink fake flowers. Her lips are pursed and her eyebrows drawn in perfect arches.

USA conference organizers: please do not plan conferences in trans-exclusionary states.

Here is the current list of USA trans-friendly states/regions:

- Arizona
- California
- Colorado
- Connecticut
- Delaware
- D.C.
- Hawaii
- Illinois
- Maine
- Maryland
- Massachusetts
- Michigan
- Minnesota
- New Mexico
- New Hampshire
- New Jersey
- New York
- Nevada
- Oregon
- Pennsylvania
- Rhode Island
- Vermont
- Washington
- Wisconsin


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Content warning: rupol, transphobia, russia

Believe them when they show you who they are: #Cdnpoli #Canada #racism #transphobia

Conservatives approve policies to limit transgender health care for minors, end race-based hiring