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Known fascist Elon Musk supports German fascist party in upcoming elections.

#Germany #politics #elections #fascism

Climate Change anthropocide (read: democide by oligarchs) will not be televised & acknowledged by the transnational right wing lib/anarcho caps, auth caps, or their neoliberal enablers for that matter.

They'll buy up any capacity for giving voice to and acknowledging such, poison the wells, and turn proletariat against proletariat, to continue stealing from everyone else.

#fascism #Capitalism #EffectiveNazism

What a bizarre and GOP-friendly way to frame these results. Americans are broadly *opposed* to military intervention in Mexico without the Mexican government’s consent, which is not on the table. Ask respondents if they want to start a war with Mexico rather than normalizing this fascistic preening.

“Americans broadly support military strikes in Mexico, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds” #fascism #gop

Joe Biden gave an important speech today about MAGA fascism, but this was the most crucial line:

"Democracies don't have to die at the end of a rifle. They can die when people are silent, when they fail to stand up or condemn threats to democracy. When people willing to give away what's most precious to them because they feel frustrated."

#Fascism has always been unpopular. It can only win when the majority gives up in disgust. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

h/t @atrupar

Gen. Milley: Trump Will 'Start Throwing People in Jail' If Reelected #uspol #TFG #fascism

Wild that all of our institutions are responding to this absolute flood of right-wing bullshit and the violence that flows from it by throwing up their hands and saying, 'let's just stop even trying to mitigate the flood of bullshit.' And that includes law enforcement.

#fascism #disinformation #gop

Aha. Så man ska koncentrera utsatta människor i ett sorts läger.

Det låter bekant.


Rubrik: asylsökande ska samlas i centrum

Alt headline: "Some small businesses under attack by fascists face financial woes, employee fears: 'Never been as bad'"

#fascism #gop #lgbtq

It also involved #CentralBankers, financiers in #UK and #USA including the #BankOfEngland, and #industrialists that wanted to exploit #Europe's resources, including #oilMerchants like the #BushCrimeFamily.

Today many make a mistake of calling these industrialists '#capitalists'. They are not 'capitalist'. When corporatists merge with govt, that's '#fascism'.

See Rich Man's Trick (2014) by ex-BBC employee Francis Richard Conolly [Running time 3:27:55]

#moneyPrinterGoDrr #bitcoin

STREET ART with prose written in bold lettering. "It didn't start with gas chambers. It started with one party controlling the media. One party controlling the message. One party deciding what is truth. One party censoring speech and silencing opposition. One party dividing citizens into "us" and "them" and calling on their supporters to harass "them".
It started when good people turned a blind eye and let it happen."

"The fascists are winning because American life is a game rigged for rich capitalists, and the nazis have plenty of those people eager to donate their money, time, and careers to the greater project of protecting capital by crushing the left. I can’t say I find that reality very comforting, but at some point the folks around me are going to need to start accepting what time it is, because “let’s pretend” is not a viable strategy for defeating an ongoing fascist takeover."

NinaWrites on Andy Ngo's loss in court and why it doesn't particularly matter:

#FascismUSA #fascism #antifa #AndyNgo

A nice 1934 leaflet from the archives of the Independent Labour Party. "What is fascism?"

#fascism #antifa #socialism #IndependentLabourParty #ILP

The front of the leaflet with the title "What is Fascism?" It begins with "Capitalism is decaying throughout the world. The ruling class fear the bitter discontent of the workers. To keep their power the ruling class have turned to Fascism in Italy, Germany and Austria, and are beginning to do so in USA, France and Great Britain...." It ends with "Make no mistake! Fascism means war, the end of our hard won liberties, that strikes will be illegal, concentration camps for everyone who dares disagree, and means the working class in chains while the ruling class continues to reap its profits!"
Back of the leaflet, with the title "Fascism has nothing to offer us", and ends with Don't be fooled! Don't sit still while our rights are filched from us" It that has a small form to fill in to "join the ILP, the Party for all revolutionary socialists"

"Dark” right-wing network recruits MAGA “army” to replace 50K federal workers Trump plans to purge

Organized by the extremist Heritage Foundation, Project 2025 is an authoritarian attempt to seize power.

It has a policy agenda, transition plan, playbook for the first 180 days & personnel database for the next GOP president to replace the federal government, including DoJ & FBI, with unwavering Trump supporters.

#Fascism pure & simple


Content warning: uspol, abortion

A Peter Thiel linked Startup Courting New York Scenesters & Plotting a Libertarian Paradise

The Praxis Society envisions a Mediterranean enclave—with just the Right kind of people

Ali Breland: Earlier this summer, I showed up at a startup promoting its flagship product under the leadership of a CEO who is interested in fascist authors & occultism & has touted a book that argues Black people are intellectually inferior to whites...

#USPol #Fascism

peter thiel

Polisen krävde lista på mongoler – rektorn vägrade

Vad sa du att dom gjorde sa du!?

Men vad i glödheta h-vete är det som händer? När det ger sig på och skrämmer våra skolor har moral och etik glidit långt ut på leråkern. Vill polisen ha tag på någon får dom för fan arbeta utifrån dom regler som finns. Inte tvinga andra bryta lagen för att dom ska få en pinne i statistiken.

#skolpol #swepol #Fascism

"Public libraries are under attack. Amid an aggressive campaign against Black and LGBTQ+ life in the U.S., reactionaries have targeted libraries that host inclusive catalogs and events. Those attacks have manifested in harassment of librarians, shouting matches at board meetings, drastic budget cuts, and nearly 150 bills (in 2023, alone!) that would restrict libraries’ abilities to operate."


I mean, I’ve never seen you call anyone a Nazi who isn’t actually a fucking Nazi, or a Nazi sympathizer, which makes them a Nazi.

So yeah, I blocked these assholes. Life is too short to be as unserious as they are about something as deadly as #fascism.

#Twitter (#X) allows open #Racists, #Antisemites, #WhiteSuprmacists, and #Nazis to remain on the platform unless their advertisers complain. So the following rule applies.

[See attached image]

So you aren't a #Nazi, you've already left the #toxic #socialmedia #hellsite once Musk took it over and made it a haven for #farright #fascism, #hate, and #bigotry.

Dr. Jens Foell @fMRI_guy
Replying to @TrancewithMe

As we say in Germany, if there's a Nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there talking to him, you got a table with 11 Nazis.

7:18 PM - 13 Feb 2018
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Props to the Lord Mayor of Cork for showing you how it’s done: you don’t engage fascists in conversation.

(These are the handful of – mostly imported* – bigots trying to get LGBTQ+ books banned from Cork Library.)

* “The small group behind these demonstrations has been linked to British far-right groups who have targeted immigrants – including the Irish community – in London and other areas.”

#cork #library #ireland #farRight #fascism #bigotry #MusicalTheatre