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Why isn't #Twitter (X) dead yet? #ElonMusk has done everything he can to bury the #platform, hasn't he?

In my opinion, it's the journalists who are treated like dirt (💩) by #Musk but just can't let go of the platform.

That's partly because they prefer to make headlines with #clickbait and scandals and still link diligently on Twitter. In this way, they give the platform relevance in the media and make Musk's rants seem like important discourse. On the other hand, it is because the average journalist is apparently too incompetent to discover new platforms for himself.

I'm probably doing an injustice to the little journalist who is just trying to make ends meet somehow. But it's amazing that the big publishers are so inflexible or have made themselves so dependent on Twitter that they can't or won't switch.

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"I don’t think I’ve seen someone walk through their process for writing a blog post, though." I love this breakdown! Tracy's structured process shows up in the quality of her posts. I love the thoughtfulness here. #Media

This is a spectacularly good analysis of why traffic referrals from social media have fallen off a cliff and what it means for publishers. This all comes out of what @pluralistic calls the enshittification of publishing, social media, and ads. People are tired of and overwhelmed by clickbait journalism. The answer, of course, is to provide actually good content, and present it well.

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As a media analyst, I share the frustration that many publishers have. As a niche publisher, I stopped using Facebook several years ago because that was when they stopped showing my followers my articles. And we see the same thing now on other channels, like Twitter.

But, at the same time, it's painfully clear that this fake social focus, where we are not actually being social and creating communities, but are instead optimizing for random people doing random crap, but having zero interest or connection, was never a good future for publishers to have.
And finally, we have the elephant in the room... which is advertising.

The way advertising works today, for publishers, is fundamentally hostile to our future business model. Obviously there are different types of advertising, but the main culprit here is third-party programmatic display advertising.

The problem with that model is that it's defined around scale and volume, and now that publishers are seeing a decline in that area, these third party ad networks are acting against our future strategies and revenue potentials.

For instance, right now we see a lot of economic uncertainty that has caused brands to not only demand better results for less money, but also made brands very reluctant in terms of ad spending.
What doesn't work is to produce even more crappy content. If Netflix did that, everyone would cancel their Netflix subscription. Instead, the winning strategy (which is not as easy as it sounds) is to produce really good content for bored people to watch.

It's the same for magazines or newspapers. You can't fix this by creating more crappy content because the 'source' of traffic is not realistic. For instance, I see many who are saying that they will just use AI to produce a ton of low-quality crappy articles to have something for their bored audiences to see, often via SEO. But, it's only going to be a matter of time before Google de-ranks that type of content because none of it is what people want when they are searching for something they need.

This is so enraging.

In May, they cut a deal on spending levels to keep the #GOP from pushing us into default, Republicans are now refusing to honor that deal and reporters rarely mention that key fact. And now they're telling us that voters want the parties to cut a deal. Fuckinng Hell.

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Monmouth headline and dek:

"Public Wants Budget Compromise to Avoid Government Shutdown

"Neither party in Washington is seen as looking out for average Americans. By a 2 to 1 margin, Americans want Congress to compromise on the federal budget in order to avoid a government shutdown."

This is an illustrative story:

TV Misogynists chat on TV about how some female journalist is so awful they wouldn't even wanna screw her.

Which at least causes a bit of a fuss. Enough so that another TV show invites on a lefty journalist woman to debate some right wing dude on whether there's really a patriarchy and if misogyny exists.

The dude lets it slip that they're paying him to do so, which takes a few seconds to sink in. You can see the outrage on her face as it dawns on her that he's getting paid and she isn't.

To talk about whether there's really any culture of misogyny.

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#Apple warns #iPhone 15 users not to use #Android #USB-C chargers to prevent #overheating


According to several #media reports, many #iPhone15 users are experiencing overheating issues, with some describing the phone as becoming uncomfortably #hot to the touch during #charging.

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This: "The prevalence of “news deserts” has apparently led some to think it’s normal for neighborhood news outlets to function as lapdogs rather than watchdogs." The purpose of journalism is to investigate in the public interest. #Media

I think this is the right impulse: people tend to follow and trust individual journalists, not publications. Building out those profiles and establishing more personal relationships helps build that trust. #Media

Dear #Media still being willingly abused by #X (formerly #Twitter) as #clickbait to feed the fascist and rascist SM formerly known as #Twitter.

Stop providing reach and respectability to a known right-wing site.

If you are still posting on the #DeadBirdSite, you are an #Accomplice.

Follow the lead of many reputable news and other organizations and leave X.

Take your pick:


1) One who participates in the commission of a crime without being the principal actor.
2) A partner or coöperator: not in a bad sense.
More commonly An associate in a crime; a partner or partaker in guilt.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

DuckDuckGo search based on

La liberté de la presse recule sur le vieux continent. L'European Media Freedom Act pourrait représenter une avancée, à condition que des États comme la France n'en profitent pas pour autoriser l'utilisation de logiciels espions contre les journalistes. 🔎

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How Copaganda Really Works: The media plays a huge role in spreading police-centered narratives

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FediForum, the online unconference for the #fediverse, is in 8 days!

Chances are, there are several topics close to your heart:

#Trust and #safety. #Moderation. Extensions to #ActivityPub. How #media companies can thrive in the Fediverse. #Culture. #Funding and #sustainability. #Developer support. And much more.

Here's the list of what #fediforum attendees publicly proposed:

Join us? More info and register at


This is such egregious journalistic malpractice. Biden saying on the campaign trail that his son hadn’t made money in China is in no way grounds for impeachment and Thompson and whoever edited this shit know it—and should know what is fueling this charade.

View from nowhere just makes readers dumber.

#media #GOP

Axios headline reads, “Biden’s words from 2020 fuel GOP’s impeachment push.”

The #BBC is #ConcernTrolling about parents not being told their kids might be #Trans by the latter's schools.

Y'know, precisely the sort of thing that might lead to abuse in the home if it ever comes out.

Beeb News frames this as poor parents being left in the dark, or rather, losing control, which is what this really comes down to. (Even though they found out anyway.)

The BBC is recycling #US #Transphobic #WedgeIssues.

#UK #News #Trans #Media

The sick inhuman world of Elon #Musk and why he bought #Twitter {Warning it's getting crazy)...


“She {his daughter} went beyond #socialism to being a full #communist and thinking that anyone rich is #evil,” Mr Musk said.


“Unless the woke #mind #virus, which is fundamentally anti-science, anti-merit, and anti-human in general, is stopped, #civilisation will never become multi-planetary,” Mr Musk told Mr Isaacson.

That's the reason why a single person shouldn't have so much money and power!

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O mundo da edição de notícias também pode beneficiar do @ubuntu e do #SoftwareLivre e #OpenSource.
Miguel gomes, vem à #UbuconPortugal2023 falar-nos do caso do «Le Monde Diplomatique: um caminho digital Livre»

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#PigButchering #scam explained: Everything you need to know


The pig butchering scam, also known as a #romance scam, is a long-term fraud that combines #investment schemes, romance scams and #cryptocurrency #fraud. This scam originated in Southeast #Asia, and the name originates from the Chinese phrase "Shāz Hū Pán," meaning pig butchering. A ring of cryptocurrency #scammers search dating and social #media sites for victims.

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Three GOP-nominated judges on the very conservative 5th Circuit Court of Appeals threw out 9 of the 10 prohibitions on government contacts with social media cos handed down by a lunatic Trump judge. Note the difference in emphasis btw the AP and CNN on one hand, and WaPo and the NYT on the other.

Only the AP led with the fact that the 5th circuit shot down much of the lower court's ruling. None of the pieces conveyed that this is about RW judges embracing bonkers conspiracy theories.


AP headline reads, "Appeals Court scales back order squelching Biden administration contact with social media platforms." WaPo headline reads, "5th Circuit finds Biden White House, CDC likely violated first amendment."
CNN headline reads, "Appeals Court reverses much of juddge's order blocking Biden administration officials from communicating with social media companies." NYT headline reads, "Appeals Court rules White House overstepped 1st Amendment on social media."

Do audiences even trust movie #critics anymore? The downfall of #RottenTomatoes and #media #criticism


The extensive article details the allegations that a PR firm called Bunker 15 has been recruiting and lobbying small, self-published critics who are still part of the countless critics that Rotten Tomatoes monitors. Bunker 15 then allegedly paid specific critics $50 or more for each seemingly positive review, several critics told Vulture.

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Pew did a study of climate denying USians - bookmarking to read later when my blood pressure gets too low

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Anyone read an explanation or a backgrounder for the apparent split between the USA Center for Disease Control and the United Nation's World Health Organisation?

CDC, or at least the USA, seems to be leading a group of North and Central American nations which have stopped sharing Covid-19 / SARS-CoV-2 data with the WHO.

What is going on?
Where is the #media coverage?

Shareholders in Digital World, investment partner #Trump #media start-up, approved extension of merger deadline..more time to complete spec'l purpose acquisition co., or SPAC, another yr to finalize merger w parent co Truth Social.

Approval follows intense get-out--vote campaign, comes just 3 days before TS’s Sept 8 liquidation deadline. Failure would've required SPAC to dissolve/ return $300 mil to shareholders, depriving Trump Media & Tech Group of funds.."

“sourced from Twitter” was a tell-take sign of over-reliance by mainstream #media and corporate #journalism, and now the zone is being flooded with shit.