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Burying the public's view of your company I'd QUITE the wild thing to do on Fedi...πŸ˜³πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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@McCovican @mathew @RenewedRebecca By your definition the internet itself shouldn't be done. After all most of its users have no idea how it works πŸ™‚. Or an electric kettle, for that matter.

There are numerous blog posts explaining the idea, going as far back as 2021 ( as well as explainers (best one imo is All of which show up for me if I do any search query with Mozilla and tracking/advertising/etc. in google.

Content warning: Der Entwickler vom Firefox Fork Mull wird den Browser wohl nicht mehr weiterentwickeln

Ladybird web browser announces a non-profit initiative

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"Immediately, upon his return, Mozilla campaigned to demote or terminate Mr Teixeira citing groundless concerns and assumptions about his capabilities as an individual living with cancer,"

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it appears the new 'management' at #Mozilla does not get it - why users use #Firefox. There's already a competing Browser in the clasps of a surveillance-advertising company. New leadership needed at Mozilla urgently & offload Anonym, before the damage becomes irreversible. Laura Chambers needs to go! - just read her Bio and you will know. #SurveillanceAdvertising

Mozilla has been financed by ads since 20 years. This pays the people working on the browser. 99% of the work is actually done by employees, not by volunteers. Acquiring that advertising company is the next logical step to get rid of Google (also financed by ads..) Instead of blaming shaming, we need to think about how to finance working on free software, as relying on unpaid work is not viable and brings issues with diversity.

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Welp, not surprised.

Vivaldi experiencing, as they put it, "a performance drag" from considering a proper implementation is the probable result of trying to pluck so much stuff in the browser, so they choose a status quo of OBEDIENTLY following Google's version of the Manifest V3 spec. How come they don't take a page from Firefox that keeps both Manifest V2 and V3 that doesn't impede extensions' capabilities as much as Chromium?

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#Mozilla has reinstated certain add-ons for #Firefox that earlier this week had been banned in russia by the kremlin.

The browser extensions, which are hosted on the Mozilla store, were made unavailable in the Land of putin on or around June 8 after a request by the russian government and its internet #censorship agency, roskomnadzor.