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…damit stirbt wohl die Hoffnung, #Covid könnte zu einer massiven Verblödung geführt haben. is a COVID-aware 😷 Mastodon server hosted in Canada, open to people from anywhere in the world. Misinfo, disinfo, and other unlawful, harmful, and/or bad faith content is not permitted:

:Fediverse: runs on a customised version of Mastodon with 5000 characters, 8 poll options and extra themes.

You can find out more at or contact the admin @zeroes

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PS (6/7)

Via #NYT (DeepL)

👉#Covid kann jetzt wie eine Lebensmittelvergiftung aussehen - kein Husten, Fieber, Halsschmerzen, Niesen.👈

"Viele von uns assoziieren #Covid mit Problemen der #Atemwege. Aber manche Menschen, die an dem Virus erkranken, bekommen nie Halsschmerzen, Husten oder Gliederschmerzen, sagt Dr. #PeterChinHong, Spezialist für Infektionskrankheiten an der #UniversityOfCalifornia in San Francisco. 👉Manche Menschen fühlen...

#Covid19 #Sommerwelle

...Wenn die #COVID-#Impfungen nicht auf dem neuesten Stand sind, die "das Immunsystem daran erinnern, wie die aktuelleren Varianten aussehen", kann eine kürzliche Infektion dazu führen, dass der Körper relativ überraschend auf die FLiRT-Untervarianten reagiert, die jetzt landesweit vorherrschen...

Ein vom #CDC [Center for Disease Control] im Februar veröffentlichter Bericht ergab, dass 👉die Impfung mit dem aktualisierten COVID-Impfstoff 2023-24 im Vergleich..

#Covid19 #Sommerwelle

👉Leute, lasst euch impfen!👈

(DeepL Übersetzung von Ausschnitten aus der #LATimes)

"COVID-Roulette spielen": Einige mit FLiRT-Varianten 1) Infizierte berichten über ihre bisher unangenehmsten Symptome...

Mit dem Beginn der Sommerreisesaison nehmen die #COVID-Fälle und Krankenhausaufenthalte in #LosAngeles County zu - und einige der kürzlich wieder Infizierten empfinden ihren jüngsten Schub als den bisher schlimmsten...

😷New list of symptoms for #Covid

Playing COVID roulette’: Some infected by FLiRT variants report their most unpleasant symptoms yet

Here is a Gift Link:

COVID isn’t over and I don’t know what it’s gonna take to convince people but we have to keep trying. #COVID #CovidIsNotOver #LongCovid

More and more people: "David, why do you still care about Covid?"

Me: "Many reasons, but mostly this one (it messes up your immune system too.)"

#Covid #Health

""Well over 50% of people...who have contracted Sars-Cov-2 suffer damage to their organs." That's worth repeating:

More than 50%.

A #Covid infection of any kind makes you 40 percent more likely to develop #cardiovascular_disease , and 5 times more likely to die in the 18 months after your infection. Just like smokers don't feel the cancer growing inside them, so it goes with those getting repeat Covid infections.

Covid infections put anyone at a significantly higher risk for the following conditions:

Guillain-Barre syndrome
Ischaemic stroke
Cognitive deficit
Anxiety disorder
Mood disorder

Your risk gets higher with every Covid infection. According to a Statistics Canada report, about 40% of people develop some kind of #LongCovid by their third infection. The evidence so far indicates that your risk only escalates from there."

I caught #COVID in October last year and started watching a bunch of comfort movies and movies I watched as a kid to pass the time. I just finished a blog post about them, finally 😅 I think I might have COVID again so seemed like the right time to post it (this time I am mostly watching Enterprise).


* Eternal Sunshine
* 4 Star Treks
* 3 BTTFs
* Flight of the Navigator
* The Warriors
* Short Circuit
* The Rocketeer

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Schätzung für Zürich aufgrund Kalibrierung der Abwasserprävalenzen Werdhölzli, Daten bis 23. Juni:

Inzidenz ~2'200.

Ca. jede 45. Person infiziert sich pro Woche.

Niveau XBB-Welle Frühling 2023 erreicht.


Schätzung für Zürich aufgrund Kalibrierung der Abwasserprävalenzen Werdhölzli, Daten bis 16. Juni:

Inzidenz ~1'700.

Ca. jede 60. Person infiziert sich pro Woche.

I knew the CDC is no longer tracking Covid cases, but this still seems like an absurd state of affairs. "Most likely increasing"?

"Cases are most likely increasing in 39 states & aren’t declining anywhere in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ...

"The CDC no longer tracks Covid cases, but it estimates transmission based on emergency department visits."

Also: Zero mention of masks in this article.

#Covid #Covid19 #CovideIsNotOver

"We've Hit Peak Denial. Here's Why We Can't Turn Away From Reality"

Opinion piece asking why we overlook bad things, "especially in this scientific and technological age, when we’ve never been more capable of understanding and addressing them".

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John Moore, virologist/immunologist from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences in NYC and I take the #NYTimes to task for two opinion pieces on #COVID earlier this month. Both pieces are examples of "science opinion", where non-experts weigh in on topics beyond their ken.

No, really, this is not some conspiracy theory Youtuber reporting this. Reuters broke the story about the Pentagon spreading disinformation about #COVID19 #vaccines. Here's how the world is reacting to the news.

#COVID #Sinovac #China #Disinformation

"…the Nature researchers found that CO2 levels of as little as 800 ppm allow the SARS-CoV-2 virus to remain ten times more viable after forty minutes than regular CO2 levels. This happens within 2 minutes of exposure to 800 ppm of CO2.

"What is now clear is that meeting environments previously seen as somewhat risky for viral contagion are much more dangerous than was previously thought." - @ASegar

All conferences should be virtual during #COVID and #flu waves!


Richtig, es war #JN1 in den #USA, jetzt erinnere ich mich wieder.

Deiner Aussage entnehme ich leider indirekt, dass es wohl noch keinen spezifischen #Impfstoff für fie Variante gibt, oder?

@SilviaMarton @mina


#Covid #Zurich



Schätzung für Zürich aufgrund Kalibrierung der Abwasserprävalenzen Werdhölzli, Daten bis 16. Juni:

Inzidenz ~1'700.

Ca. jede 60. Person infiziert sich pro Woche.


Schätzung für Zürich aufgrund Kalibrierung der Abwasserprävalenzen Werdhölzli, Daten bis 16. Juni:

Inzidenz ~1'700.

Ca. jede 60. Person infiziert sich pro Woche.

We’ve Hit Peak Denial. Here’s Why We Can’t Turn Away From Reality

"We are living through a terrible time in humanity. Here’s why we tend to stick our heads in the sand and why we need to pull them out, fast"

"We need to guard against lowering our standards for normalcy. When we mentally and emotionally recalibrate to the new normal, we also disassociate from our own humanity."

Gift link

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