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The diversity of network and UX types across the fediverse/social web that my little Friendica server sees is astounding. This is just Diaspora and ActivityPub federated content since Bluesky is integrated through a client API not AT. #fediverse #SocialWeb #ActivityPub #diaspora #Bluesky #friendica

I doubted they would ever federate this far, but assuming they go all the way, won't their shitty policies lead people to move from there to here if the lock-in is gone? If none of fedi federated with them, wouldn't you expect them to retain their users and grow faster than the fedi does? I see a growing #threads as a way to kill #xitter, and federation eventually killing them. Threads talking about federation is good PR for us too. #SocialWeb

what's your nightmare scenario?

imo the magic here is that we can make everything natively able to go viral. there aren't separate episodes, articles and videos we link to from here, but the item itself is an #ActivityPub post. creators stay in control. that's our killer app and how we sell creators on the #SocialWeb.

Great interview with Jay Graber (CEO, #Bluesky) on Decoder with Nilay Patel (@reckless1280), where they dig into some of the major difference between Bluesky (#ATProtocol) and #Mastodon (#ActivityPub).

#fediverse #federation #socialweb #socialmedia