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CISA Warning Comes After Citizenlab Demonstrated Fully Patched iPhone Compromises

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A short talk about #Chrome's Privacy Sandbox – implemented this week! – by one of the galaxy's leading #privacy experts. đŸĻ‘đŸ›¸

🚨 This is the weekend to share my comic #ContraChrome with your friends and loved ones, and help them make the jump to #Firefox.



#PrivacySandbox #Google #SurveillanceCapitalism #comic #comics

A page with six panels, held in black, white, and light blue.

A narrator steps to the fore from behind a curtain, and says the following:

"As a final note, we have a short talk by one of the galaxy's leading privacy experts.

The topic: Google's promis to do away with tracking altogether and to place privacy at the core of Chrome with its new Privacy Sandbox, coming in 2024."

The narrrator looks behind the curtain, saying to someone off panel: 
"What? Still writing his speech...?"

Then he continues to the readers: 
"Well, maybe I can just take a moment and fill you in on Google's plans to finally block all those spying, snooping third-party cookies for good.
"No more of those annyoing, obnoxious cookie banners when accessing a web site!"
 (continued from last picture's Alt text:)

The text goes on to say:
"This is much more about Google blocking its data-harvesting competitors in order to amass even more market power in its own hands."

Here we see the Chrome piranha as a big fish among many little ones, looking like it has eaten a lot lately, making a burping sound.

The narrator is shown again, saying:
"By the way, most other browsers have been blocking third-party cookies for a long time now *without* replacing this surveillance technology with another one. And yet, it will become a global standard the moment it is rolled out with Chrome".
(Note from the editor: That is now!)

Last page, six panels.
The narrator looks behind the curtain, gets a signal that the expert is ready, says "Admiral, the stage is yours, and out comes Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars, in a suit, saying loudly: "IT'S  A TRAP!" (End of his talk)

The narrator adds "Couldn't have said it better myself!"  and concludes: "And that's it for today. Be safe out there!"
Six more panels on this second page.
The text continues:
"Instead, Chrome itself will analyze all your browsing habits and – depending on your surfing profile of the past days – put you in a so-called "cohort" with others who have been to similar sites."

The picture shows three circles of different shades of blue, filled icons of users, all looking the same.

"According to Google, this way your privacy will be protected much better than before. According to practically everyone else, among them many internet experts, you will be monitored even more precisely and relentlessly than before."

Here the picture shows the circles overlying one another like Venn diagrams. Wherever two overlap, the anonymous user icons look more unique, wearing hats or individual haircuts. In the middle, where all three overlap, a very individual looking face looks very distressed, shocked about being surveilled.

The text continues:
"Another outcry ensued, an another round of Google backpedaling, a tiny bit, for now."

"But, as Rena Tangens, member of German privacy NGO DigitalCourage, recently remarked: "Piranhas will become vegans before Google foregoes 99 percent of its profits." – Trackers gonna track".

The images here show a piranha that very much looks like the Google Chrome logo, staring at a Vegan Flower, the petals made of the Venn Diagrams of Chrome users. The fish then jumps at the flower, showing its sharp teeth.

(Continued on next picture's Alt text...)