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Nobody is keeping Twitter afloat at £8 month.
The real funders are Musk and his dirty money friends.

Twitter is unsafe and people just need to leave

I suspect many that came over as part of the #EternalNovember #TwitterMigration came over to the #Fediverse & #Mastodon because they saw other people join.

I.e., momentum.

Fairerweise auch in #Deutsch: Geht's nur mir so, oder ist #Mastodon jetzt hauptsächlich englischsprachig? Zumindest, wenn es um Nachrichten und News geht.
Wenn ich Artikel in #Englisch verlinke, bekommen die Beiträge deutlich mehr Engagement, als solche in #Deutsch. Und das, obwohl Mastodon ja vor Monaten noch total deutsch-dominiert war.
Natürlich sehe ich weiterhin viele Beiträge auf Deutsch, aber so richtig aktiv wird es hier eigentlich erst am Nachmittag und Abend, wenn Amerika aufwacht. Geht das nur mir so und ist das irgendeine Bubble? Übersehe ich was?

#Fediverse #TwitterMigration #SocialMedia

Is it just me, or is #Mastodon now mainly #english-speaking? At least, when it is about news.
Maybe it's just anectodal, but my Posts linking to articles get much much more engagement, when they are in english, than #german ones. And that mere months after #Mastodon was dominated by german-speaking accounts.
Sure, I still see many #german posts, but the real activity starts in the afternon and evening (european time), when the americans wake up. Does anybody else see this, or am I missing something?

#Fediverse #TwitterMigration #SocialMedia

Some people over on birdsite still maintain that the #TwitterMigration was temporary and that people will come back. Or that there aren’t enough people here on #Mastodon to have meaningful conversations.

I think Mike Masnick is a good counterpoint to that… his engagements are happening here… and as of now he actually has more followers here!

From: @mmasnick

It's happening... More followers here on Mastodon than on Twitter. And y'all are much nicer here too.
Masto profile showing 51k followers.
Twitter profile showing 50.9k followers.

Aika kovaa kyytiä kuihtuu tää meidän some. Aktiivikäyttäjiä kahdessa Suomen suurimmassa instanssissa enää yhteensä alle 2000. Marras-joulukuun suuren #twittermigration in aikaan katoin että meitä olis yli 4500.

Lintusome voitti. Ainakin toistaiseksi.

#mastodon #twitter

📈 Looks like users of are starting to register for Mastodon accounts.

✅ Welcome to all new users of Mastodon.

🦣 Registered users of Mastodon might reach 10million users tomorrow.

#Mastodon #MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration #Twitter #NewUsers #Welcome #Medium
Mastodon user registrations per day. Mastodon user registrations per day.
Mastodon user registrations per day.

Two things going on that may be related:

1) Mastodon new user count is up to about 1000 per hour for the last day. This is way up from the recent low hundreds.

2) Reddit r/Twitter is full of complaints that Twitter feeds are now not showing followed accounts, replaced by right wing politics and even porn.

Getting tweets... from people that i dont follow and dont know at all >>>

Did twitter change its algorithm completely? >>>


I've been cross posting my personally published content on both Twitter, and Mastodon for the last week, mostly to see how interactions with what I post varies now that I have about 1/3rd of the followers on Mastodon. My conclusion? At least for me and my circle, Twitter is dead. 🎉🎉

#TwitterToMastodon #mastodon #twitter #twitterMigration


As we did for #JoinMastodonDay, I'll be tracking this grassroots effort on #Twitter that is using the hashtags: #LeaveTwitterDay or #IdesofMusk -- Technically this all occurring tomorrow March 15th.

Wish this luck and will post key tweets in the comments in this thread for those of us still on Twitter to retweet, quote tweet, and help amp up.

cc: @elduvelle


(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

Epic ending. “We’ve been mostly cut off from Facebook for years and we’ve continued to make progress,” he says. “It’s not like science is going to be held hostage by a guy that played himself into burning $44 billion on a website that makes no money, just so he could force all its users to read his shitposts.” 🎤 💥 #TwitterMigration #twitterApi

#MastodonNews Mar 10, 2023

Jetpack, the popular toolkit for Wordpress, now supports Mastodon sharing.

WPTavern: Jetpack 11.9 Adds Sharing Button for Mastodon, Updates Stats Dashboard Design >>>

"Jetpack 11.9 was released this week with support for sharing posts to Mastodon. The new button allows readers to click an icon to launch a sharing window that will ask the user to enter the full URL of the Mastodon instance where they want to share the post."


#MastodonNews Mar 10, 2023

Popular Mastodon app Ivory now facilitates account creation.

9to5Mac: Ivory now lets users create a Mastodon account directly from the app >>>

"With version 1.3, new users can finally create an account on Mastodon directly from the app. This makes the whole process much more streamlined, especially since Mastodon can seem complicated to people unfamiliar with the idea of a decentralized social network."

#twittermigration #ivory

Elon's Commitment To Free Speech Rapidly Replaced By His Commitment To Blatant Hypocrisy: Bans The JoinMastodon Twitter Account

#FreeSpeech #AntiCompetition #ElonMusk #Twitter #JoinMastodon #Mastodon #TwitterMigration

"...but it seems that most of the users joining #Mastodon are tech geeks who were upset by the fact that all third-party #apps like #Tweetbot were killed with the end of the #Twitter API."

Wow. Where is this coming from? Thin air? Simply looking at the number of new active users after #Musk's takeover and then the recent API shutdown would disprove this.

Simply reading #TwitterMigration or the #Introduction / #Introductions hashtags would disprove this. #BlueSky
Mastodon, for example, has been gaining a lot of attention recently amidst the changes imposed on Twitter by Elon Musk, but it seems that most of the users joining Mastodon are tech geeks who were upset by the fact that all third-party apps like Tweetbot were killed with the end of the Twitter API.

Are you 'professionally curious' or even just absolutely curious how influential #JohnMastodon has been to the earth in the last few months?

@tchambers and his team have put together an excellent summary of the great #Twitter exodus. Very worth your time, even if you are just curious where everyone went.

#TwitterMigration #analytics #business

New research from my team on the #TwitterMigration:

This is our first quarterly update analyzing which platforms are growing - esp #mastodon & #postnews. Includes new data on users posting, app downloads & more.

Get it here: ▶️

Any help boosting and sharing out this new work is very appreciated!
Graphs of alternative social accounts added to Twitter bios over 12/22 to 2/23

What about our own massive DDoS attacks — why are they so frequent? Been on #Mastodon (Mindly) for around 2 months & I admit it makes me nervous ..

#Fediverse #TwitterMigration #twitter #SocialMedia

I agree. That game between #Reddit and #Twitter of hiding posts based on topic, relevancy models, and auto moderator so frustrated me. It made me not want to invest in qualitative post since it would be suppressed. Since I'm strongly opposed to shit posting, it turned into a , "Why am I even on this platform?", moment.


If you want to leave Twitter and can't find a good home on Mastodon, consider

as we've grown we've gotten a bunch of different people living different lives but at its core the admins are two trans socialist neurospicy polyamorous art and science queers. English and German but other languages are available.

I think we're cool so if that sounds like you, come hang out.

#findaserver #twittermigration

One thing you _cannot_ expect is that joining #Mastodon or any other #Fediverse service will automatically give you the kind of “clout” you have (or think you have) on the Big Social silos. It _is_ something you have to build, or rebuild. But if you start working on it _now_, you can still leverage the tools that exist to make the #TwitterMigration _easier_. If you decided to make the move after #Twitter is gone for good, even just finding the people who moved will be much harder.

#Mastodon closes in to 10 million users - this is absolutely surreal!

I'm absolutely happy that I am a part of this. Withdrawing from Twitter allowed me to have a much better and relaxing time in social media, meet & follow new people and discuss things with them. No coming back now to #Twitter, even if that manchild #ElonMusk steps down or sells the company.

#TwitterMigration #Tech #SocialMedia
9,799,313 accounts 
+260 in the last hour
+6,457 in the last day
+45,401 in the last week

#MastodonNews Mar 4, 2023

So, this is fun. We are their worst nightmare. Turn's out Mastodon "falls short for businesses" because it lacks "advertising support," says an ad industry publication.

CMSWire: Facebook Is Better for Business Than Mastodon. Here's Why >>>

"Social media has become one of the most powerful tools businesses can leverage for advertising... Mastodon, on the other hand, does not offer an advertising platform to businesses."



"Twitter has failed to pay its recruitment provider, so the Twitter job system is now an email address..."

It's amazing! Watching the #birdsite proceed to deteriorate as a going concern, is like watching a slow motion 'car wreck'. Others have made money by driving companies into bankruptcy and skimming money from the process. But to way over pay for a company and then to 'penny-ante' cut business expensives is a sign of incompetence.

#twittermigration #mastodon #saturday

So Twitter is falling apart. Why? Well in a word: entropy.

Check out this article: Managing entropy in complex systems: the Maxwell’s Demon approach >>>

Complex systems like Twitter have zillions of bugs. Entropy dictates these bugs bang into each other and unless energy is spent hunting bugs down and squashing them, they build up to bigger and bigger problems that cause things like outages.

If you fire all the bug hunters... well, entropy wins.


As twitter’s systems degrade, their behavior will become more erratic, inconsistent & unpredictable. It is sand, ever shifting and unstable.

It is a fait accompli that #Twitter cannot successfully be used as it once was. #TwitterDown #TwitterMigration

#MastodonNews Feb 28, 2023

Is Jack back?

TheVerge: Twitter’s decentralized alternative Bluesky arrives as an invite-only iOS app >>>

[This] gives us one of our very first glimpses at the app, which closely resembles Twitter down to the timeline and profile pages.

Judging by the screenshots... Bluesky looks promising so far, featuring separate tabs for home, search, and notifications in addition to a Twitter-like “repost” ability.

#twittermigration #bluesky

Flipboard's CEO Mike McCue continues...

“We need to get out of this world where one person can basically dictate how these communities of people are interacting with each other,”

“I think you're going to see, in the coming months, companies like us start to integrate ActivityPub and advocate to publishers and content creators that they should build a presence in the Fediverse,”... “Once that starts to reach critical mass … then I think you're gonna get that Netscape moment.”


#MastodonNews Feb 28, 2023

Flipboard... The news reading app, whose founder was once on Twitter’s board of directors, is now going all in on the Fediverse.

engadget: Flipboard is leaning into Mastodon — and away from Twitter >>>

“As we embrace ActivityPub at Flipboard, we’ll effectively allow anyone who's on Mastodon to follow a user on Flipboard...”

"’s not clear how much longer Flipboard will [support Twitter] “It's total chaos over there,”


#MastodonNews Feb 27, 2023

More Mammoth news...

TechCrunch: Mammoth is a free Mastodon app for iOS that makes it easier to get started >>>

A new Mastodon app called Mammoth has already gained 10,000 downloads in the first few days of its availability on the App Store.

"Simply: we want to contribute to Mastodon having 10m active users, then 100m. It’s early days still, and we don’t want to do anything that slows down adoption,”

#twittermigration #Mammoth

It is a real book and it has real authors, too — @workingwriter and @chrisminnick

Blog entry by the latter:
#TwitterMigration #MastoTips