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[DISGUSTING - Reeks of desperation by both] #Google partners with Musk's Hate Speech Platform #Twitter/X for ad services - DISGUSTING. With this move, Google will be directly participating in promotions to help Musk disseminate hate speech, disinformation, and worse. Disgraceful beyond measure. This reeks of desperation on the part of both firms. -
What's the word? Oh yes, EVIL.

Basically, #Google partnering with Musk's #Twitter/X to provide ad sales is analogous to signing a deal to provide new services to a criminal organization that you find distasteful, but hey, they're willing to pay you so you're happy to help keep them afloat. That's the sorry reality, no matter how Google tries to spin it.

Note that this is a NEW deal -- Google is now getting into bed with Musk eyes wide open -- unrelated to Twitter's much longer use of GCP (Google Cloud Platform) infrastructure services, which predate Musk's takeover, and so fall into a different category of considerations and possible future actions.

Why isn't #Twitter (X) dead yet? #ElonMusk has done everything he can to bury the #platform, hasn't he?

In my opinion, it's the journalists who are treated like dirt (💩) by #Musk but just can't let go of the platform.

That's partly because they prefer to make headlines with #clickbait and scandals and still link diligently on Twitter. In this way, they give the platform relevance in the media and make Musk's rants seem like important discourse. On the other hand, it is because the average journalist is apparently too incompetent to discover new platforms for himself.

I'm probably doing an injustice to the little journalist who is just trying to make ends meet somehow. But it's amazing that the big publishers are so inflexible or have made themselves so dependent on Twitter that they can't or won't switch.

enter image description here

#media #journalism #press #future #fail #problem #criticism #internet #scandal #publisher #microblogging #news

If it was up to me I'd drop any #ActivityPub message with a #twitter or #youtube link but it's not up to me, is it?

"Elon Musk Says He Has ‘An Arsenal Of Weapons,’ Shares Video of Himself Firing a Barrett .50-Caliber Sniper Rifle"

Musk: “I have an arsenal of weapons, most of which I bought in California before they changed the law to make it impossible to do so.”

#Musk #Twitter #guns #Sodom


Elon went to the border to do an X livestream - things went even farther south, quickly!

Barely four minutes in, the video aburptly froze and the entire livestream crashed, raining on Musk's parade.

Musk then sent a brief company-wide email:

"Please fix this," he demanded.

I wonder if the last remaining Twitter engineer laughed before replying to his right-wing, radical employer? 🙄🤔
#AureFreePress #Mastodon #Twitter #x #Musk #elon

Elon Musk wearing a cowboy hat backwards at his livestream event.

Keine X in meinem Leben habe ich mit so freudiger Inbrunst verlassen wie Dich, #Twitter. Servus #Mastodon !

It's pretty telling about the impact Twitter/X still has in the social media landscape when you get a screenshot from over there with every other toot... #twitter #fediverse #socialmedia

Das muss das Ende aller deutschen offiziellen Accounts auf X sein.
#TwiXter #Musk #RausAusX #Seenotrettung #Twitter
Euer Content auf X macht Werbung für die rechtsaußen Plattform, zieht Bürger dorthin und setzt sie rechtsextremen Inhalten aus.
@bmuv @bamf @BMWSB_Bund @bmdv @bmi @BMWK @Bundesregierung
R GermanForeignOffice & - 13 Std. * Yes. And it’s called saving lives. & Elon Musk @ B @elon... - 14 Std. Is the German public aware of this? O10,8k 11264k Q138K  [i11,9M o Elon Musk @ @elonmusk Antwort an @GermanyDiplo So you’re actually proud of it. Interesting. Frankly, | doubt that a majority of the German public supports this. Have you run a poll? Surely it is a violation of the sovereignty of Italy for Germany to transport vast numbers of illegal immigrants to Italian soil? Has invasion vibes ... &
*! GermanForeignOffice {2 - @GermanyDiplo Yes. And it’s called saving lives. Post Ubersetzen @elonmusk Is the German public aware of this? Post libersetzen ¥ radioGenoa & @RadioGenoa - 4 Std. There are currently 8 German NGO ships in the Mediterranean Sea collecting illegal immigrants to be unloaded in Italy. These NGOs are subsidized by the German government. Let's hope AfD wins the elections to stop this European suicide - I, s - ; & R '/ 4

Twitter: X Premium-Nutzer können DMs von anderen Premium-Kunden zulassen

Auf X (vormals Twitter) können Premium-Nutzer Direktnachrichten von Abonnenten aktivieren. Außerdem wurden 20 Millionen Dollar an Tweet-Ersteller ausgezahlt.

#ElonMusk #Twitter #Werbung #X #news

Auf #Twitter ist #Merz Top-Trend. Alle Posts finden es unerträglich, was Merz tut, alle oben gelisteten Antworten finden Merz super. Twitter listet Hass gezielt hoch. Wer noch auf Twitter ist macht sich mitschuldig. Ich habe kein Restverständnis mehr.

Deactivated my account on what used to be #Twitter last night. I first joined in 2008, because it seemed like an interesting place to source text for performance. Then I got caught up in translating Greek accounts who were giving a very different version of what was happening in street protests than I saw in the newspapers. It was my confidant as I raised a child alone, my introduction to friends and collaborators, ideas, food, and places. It also drove me a bit dopamine-junkie. Bye bye, birdie.

I was never a huge twitter user... 4K followers and decent interaction.. I just found it an uninteresting place...

Anyway I used to check in cause I'd have a bunch of notifications a day. But now I dont get notifications for week (despite cross posting there still).

I got the first notification in a while and bothered to log in again and check it.... LOL "Today is your X anniversary"... hell it is, I never signed up to X... not a notification in sight...

X is dead.

#X #Twitter #Xitter

It totally looks and sounds like Linda Yaccarino has a #Neuralink implant and Elno is in control.


The same day that Elon Musk fired the entire Twitter team concerned with fighting election disinformation, he also endorses a post where people are being encouraged to vote for the far-right German AFD party. The AFD thanked him for his endorsement and for disbanding the team that was fighting election disinformation.

#News #EuropeanNews #Europe #Germany #FarRight #AFD #ElonMusk #Musk #Twitter #X

Elon Musk has fired the entire Election Integrity Team at #X, the unit created to identify threats from foreign and domestic sources manipulating our elections.

#Ukraine #Russia #US #Twitter #ElonMusk #Musk

Never forget the feedback effect of negative things filling a vacuum when positive things are removed.

Whether that’s in politics or business or information platforms.

So many good people left #Twitter and demanded that other good people also leave the platform, so there should be no surprise that the platform shows more bad actors now.

But it’s a case of complaining how the game is going after deciding not to play anymore.

#ElonMusk's #X follower count bloated by millions of new, inactive accounts

"Of the 153,209,283 X accounts following Musk at the time the data was collected, around 42 percent of Musk's #followers, or more than 65.3 million users, have zero followers on their own account. Just over 72 percent, or nearly 112 million, or nearly 112 million, of these users following Musk have less than 10 followers on their account." 🤡

#Twitter #TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia

The social platform #X, formerly known as #Twitter, is the largest source of #misinformation and #disinformation among the major online platforms, the #EU Commission Vice President Vera Jourova said on Sept. 26.

The official said so during the meeting with the Code of Practice on Disinformation signatories, including major players such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Read more here🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine
#СлаваУкраїні! #StandWithUkraine

Since I'm seeing new folks arriving, a few thoughts for you:

1. Take a moment to read

2. Hashtags are your friend. Follow them. Use them. Capitalize each word in them

3. You will miss things. That is the point

4. For accounts you don't want to miss, click the bell in the profile or make a list

5. Boost the toots!

6. Be here to make connections

7. No algorithm means post what you want

8. Add alt-text to images

#Mastodon #TwitterMigration #Twitter #NewHere

Some 100 Jewish organization leaders sign a letter accusing Elon Musk of making the social media platform formerly known as #Twitter, a “breeding ground for some of the most dangerous antisemitic discourse in America.”

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

Elon Musk Begs Taylor Swift to Post Her Music on Zombie Twitter

Between her astronomical album and concert sales, streaming dominance, and general icon status, Swift has no need for further promotion, least of all on a website that sent advertisers fleeing when the billionaire who impulsively bought it became obsessed with defeating the “woke mind virus.”

#TaylorSwift #TaylorsVersion #music #twitter #socialmedia #wokemindvirus #elon #musk #elno #spacekaren

Because I was only able to delete a few thousand Tweets from my profile, I had to write a new script to delete all Tweets.

1. Log into Twitter
2. Paste code from link below to browser console (F12)
3. Choose tweet-headers.js file from your data archive (
4. Wait for Tweets to vanish
[5. Let me know if it worked]

Script (click button "raw" for easier copying):

Video tutorial in English:
Video tutorial in German:

I have tested it with Firefox. Edge and Chrome were reported as working as well. The script can delete around five Tweets per second. If you don't want to mess with the browser console, it's available as a userscript:

#XCorp #twitter

Twitter profile with a header in light blue.

Headline: TweetXer
Enter how many Tweets to skip (useful for reruns) and select your tweets.js from your Twitter Data Export to start.

Input field for a number an a file picker.

Profile says "Account Name" with a lock at the top and "10.4k posts" under the name.
Same profile. Now the title in the blue area says "Deleting 11306 Tweets" Smaller text: "Ratelimited. Waiting 726 seconds"

Name of profile is Account Name and a Lock, 10.5k posts as info.

A darker blue info box at the bottom of the window says "Your post was deleted".

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

I heard that the tools to delete all your Tweets don't work anymore. This script allows you to delete them anyways:

- #Xcorp may view it as a violation of their terms (automation) and ban your account. Use at your own risk.
- At least in the EU you have a right to delete your own data which overrules any company terms.
- This only removes them from your profile, Tweets may still exist in backups and other places.

I wasn't able to get the script to run unsupervised. After some time the timeline stays empty and you have to manually reload the page and run the script again. Currently, I am testing it with a 15 year old account with 19 k Tweets. I had to reload every 500 Tweets on average. After adjusting the script to not hit the rate-limit (50 requests per minute), it should run with less interruptions. But the Xcorp infrastructure is unreliable. #twitter

2023-09-19 Initial release
2023-09-19 Replies get deleted as well. Script switches between Tweets and Replies until neither returns new results.

Firefox with open browser console. At the top is a slice of the Twitter website visible. Everything but the message "Your post was deleted" is pixelated.

Browser console at the bottom:
This may get your account banned. It runs in your regular browser with your regular login without needing the API.
The script does the same things that you would do yourself: 
Click the three dots, select delete Tweet, confirm, scroll to next Tweet, repeat.
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:25:28 GMT Deleted 10 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:25:37 GMT Deleted 20 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:25:44 GMT Deleted 30 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:25:53 GMT Deleted 40 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:26:02 GMT Deleted 50 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:26:12 GMT Deleted 60 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:26:20 GMT Deleted 70 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:26:28 GMT Deleted 80 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:26:37 GMT Deleted 90 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:26:45 GMT Deleted 100 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:26:54 GMT Deleted 110 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:27:02 GMT Deleted 120 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42
Tue, 19 Sep 2023 09:27:10 GMT Deleted 130 Tweets debugger eval code:72:42

Another excellent talk by Cory Doctorow (@pluralistic) on why #Facebook, #Twitter / X and similar for-profit #internet platforms suck so much and are getting even worse. And what to do about it.

DEF CON 31 - An Audacious Plan to Halt the Internet's Enshittification

Offenbar konnte von der Ankündigung Elon Musks, eine Bezahlschranke für alle einführen zu wollen, dieses Mal vor allem #Bluesky profitieren. Trotz "Invite Only" vergrößerte sich die User*innenschaft um etwa 5 Prozent.
#Twitter #X #Mastodon #Bluesky