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~ Biden set to announce support for major Supreme Court changes~



See screenshots of the article in the next post.

👉🏼 President #Biden is finalizing plans to endorse major changes to the Supreme Court in the coming weeks, including proposals for legislation to establish term limits for the justices and an enforceable ethics code, according to two people briefed on the plans. #SCOTUS

[This is HUGE. Or as #Biden would say it’s a BFD.]

The announcement would mark a major shift for Biden, a former chair of the Senate #Judiciary Cmte, who has long resisted calls to #reform #SCOTUS. They potential changes come in response to growing outrage among his supporters about recent #ethics scandals surrounding Justice #ClarenceThomas & decisions by the new court majority that have changed #legal precedent on issues including #abortion & federal #regulatory powers.


#Biden set to announce support for major #SCOTUS changes!!!

Plans include proposals for legislation to establish #TermLimits for the justices & an ENFORCEABLE #ethics code

#POTUS Biden is finalizing plans to endorse major changes to the #SupremeCourt in the coming wks….

He is also weighing whether to call for a constitutional #amendment to eliminate broad #immunity for presidents & other constitutional officeholders….


#Biden previewed the shift in a Zoom call Sat w/the Congressional #Progressive Caucus.

“I’m going to need your help on the #SupremeCourt, because I’m about to come out — I don’t want to prematurely announce it — but I’m about to come out with a major initiative on limiting the #court … I’ve been working with constitutional scholars for the last three months, & I need some help,” #POTUS said, according to a transcript of the call obtained by The Washington Post.

#SCOTUS #law

Thanks, #SCOTUS

U.S. begins dropping Jan. 6 obstruction charges against Proud Boys, others

I really don't understand the concept of "good intentions" when designing/implementing laws, rules, and regulations. #trump being convicted felon should be enough to forbid him from running any public office by law itself, not begging to "voting him out". #scotus Supreme Court judges are appointed according to the rules, that should ensure impartiality, not hoping that someone would be honest and respect their position 🤷‍♂️ it's all legal (albeit immoral perhaps)

So Judge Cannon got her idea that Jack Smith was improperly appointed from an opinion by Clarence Thomas, likely the most corrupt member of SCOTUS ( at least for now), and a man with the most to fear from the appointment of a special council to investigate his financial impropriety.
Is that about it?
The IRS doesn't need a special council appointed to audit Clarence Thomas.
#SCOTUS #Corruption #Bribery #Kickbacks #RobertsCourt

Content warning: Judge Cannon dismisses Trump documents case

Content warning: Trump

Between the #SCOTUS decision in Trump v. US, and the rogue Trump-appointed judge's dismissal today in US v Trump, we've now had a preview of the total breakdown of American jurisprudence we can expect if morally hollow conman is sent to the White House.

You won't be able to say you didn't know.


How can these #MSNBC legal analysts get it wrong time after time?

The immunity case: #SCOTUS will not even accept such a case, It flies in the face of the Founding Fathers that no one is above the law. WRONG!

Immunity Case part 2: They likely will carve out a slim partial immunity only for instances of carrying out presidential duties. WRONG!

Documents Case: Defense request to throw out the case is preposterous and has already been rejected by several other rulings. It will be denied again. WRONG!

Next, I predict SCOTUS will take the unprecedented action to nullify #Trump's felony conviction before the election.

I love Andrew Weissman, Lisa Rubin and the others on MSNBC, but how can we believe anything they tell us from now on?

#ClassifiedDocuments #Trump

#AileenCannon dismissed the #indictment on the grounds that #SpecialCounsel #JackSmith was improperly appointed.

Cannon’s ruling is a remarkable win for Trump, whose lawyers have thrown longshot argument after longshot argument to dismiss the case. Other courts have rejected similar arguments to the one that he made in Florida about Smith’s unlawful appointment.

#PartisanCourt #law #ClarenceThomas #SCOTUS

So let's get this straight Clarence Thomas went to Russia, in secret, with Harlan Crow. The trip included helicopter ride to a palace in St. Petersburg. This is the first known yacht trip. Let's examine implications

First, a rich American with a #SCOTUS justice doesn't just show up unannounced, fly a helicopter into St. Petersburg. That shxt requires advanced notice and clearance AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL, so at minimum Putin and the Kremlin spy and kompromat operatives knew about this.

The Kremlin would also know that Thomas failed to disclose the trip on mandatory reports - so they knew in 2003 that Thomas could be bribed & was willing to lie to the US government. They knew in 2003 they had leverage over a SCOTUS justice.

I also find it impossible that US intelligence services did not also know about this in real time. George Bush & George waterboard Tenet CIA DIR must have known Thomas was in Russia on a bribe/junket. They kept his secret, too. Russia knew it had leverage there, too.

:twitter: #DirkSchwenk

🔴 So let's get this straight. #JusticeThomas went to #russia, in secret, with #HarlanCrow. The trip included a helicopter ride to a palace in St. Petersburg. It took place in 2003. This is the first known yacht trip. Let's examine the implications. A thread:

ℹ First, a rich american with a #SCOTUS justice doesn't just show up unannounced and fly a helicopter into St. Petersburg

That sh*t requires advanced notice and clearance ⤵ #US #News

Democrats need to figure out a strategy for containing the damage of the Supreme Court if they get a second presidential term. Court-packing is often mentioned, but @damemagazine says it may not be the answer. Instead, argues history professor Claire Bond Potter, they should look at eliminating the “zombie laws” right-wing activists use to bring their cases.

#SCOTUS #SupremeCourt #USLaw #USPolitics #Newstodon #NewstodonFriday #FollowFriday

#AlexandriaOcasioCortez being an absolute queen. Would that other members of #Congress were as fierce, brave, and smart.


What I don't get is: now that #USA #SCOTUS declared #POTUS immune from everything, why are #Trump and #Maga still a thing?
Why doesn't #Biden leverage this new doctrine to just obliterate Cheetolini and his brain-damaged following from the planet?

Clarence Thomas Took Free Yacht Trip to Russia, Chopper Flight to Putin's Hometown

Request your absentee ballot today at ... and #vote !


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has filed articles of impeachment against U.S. Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito- MSNBC #SCOTUS #AOC

🚨 "MSNBC’s Katie Phang reports on the fallout from The Supreme Court’s decision to vastly expand the powers of the president. MSNBC’s Jason Johnson and NYU’s Ruth Ben-Ghiat join."

#SCOTUS #Project2025 #Trump
#OngoingViolentCoup #Dictator #MilitaryApparatus
#JasonJohnson #RuthBenGhiat

#Scotus stopped being a court and anointed itself America’s unelected super legislature when Congress gave it power to choose which cases it takes. Today the court uses that authority to select which questions about those cases it wants to answer. Congress can reform the #supremecourt without obliterating the institution through court packing, by passing legislation to end its arguably unconstitutional question-selection power. #law

#USpol #Elections2024 #Biden #Debate

#HeatherCoxRichardson has talked about the debate and Biden in a recent excellent Interview by #Amanpour from #CNN:

#SCOTUS rulings, the debate with #TFG, and what would happen if Biden were replaced as the candidate.

Still thinking out loud...about this new interdependent relationship at the top of the US government. #SCOTUS controls everything via its exclusive ability to interpret (and now make) the law, but needs POTUS when action is required...but legally, POTUS can kill all of the Justices without legal repercussions if that is how he decides to *officially* act to reform the court at some point.

Has anyone asked John Roberts about this possibility yet, btw?

From: @dcdeejay

The #GOPDeathCult will accelerate our demise, if not stopped. Amplify their sinister plan to speed up the #ClimateCrisis, pollute the air, land, water...

“The end of Chevron has been talked about as part of this wider effort by the #SCOTUS to dismantle the administrative state -really just means the ability of govt to respond to issues that matter to everyday ppl that're impt. for the health of the ENVIR, comms, to secure & protect the rights of workers..."


The #Biden age/health/dropout story is a dirty op by the Russo-MAGA, similar to the “emails“ op against H. Clinton.

**It is designed to distract and confuse. Don’t fall for it!

What could be more newsworthy than an #authoritarian coup underway against Constitutional democracy led by the Chief Justice of #SCOTUS !

Here's something fun for the #FourthofJuly: A chilling 'accidental confession' on #Project2025.

#HeritageFoundation majordomo says the quiet part out loud, dog-whistles the #MAGA crowd to get ready for...

We can't even bring ourselves to say it. Watch it yourself.

Then go to to #register to #vote and request your #ballot TODAY. The stakes are too high not to.

#SupremeCourt #SCOTUS #authoritarianism #immunity #Biden #Democracy #Law #USPolitics

#DOJ ofcls plan to pursue the #criminal cases against #Trump past #Election Day even if he
wins, under the belief that dept rules against charging or prosecuting a sitting president would not kick in until Inauguration in Jan…

That may become more consequential given #SCOTUS ruling on presidential #immunity, which probably will lead to further delays to Trump’s #ElectionInterference trial in DC & already affected 1 of his state cases.


"This Year’s Big Winner At The Supreme Court? Billionaires"

by @alisond64 for @Forbes

#SCOTUS #wealth #politics

The only people who think the Supreme Court immunity decision was good would seem to be a) Donald Trump, and b) Right-wing fascist-loving Trump followers.

Berkeley scholars: Supreme Court immunity ruling poses risk to democracy

#SCOTUS #SupremeTraitors #SupremeBetrayal #FoundersCallBullshit

…The current composition of #SCOTUS is the result of decades of work by #RightWing activists seeking a permanent #conservative #political ascendancy, & the behavior of the majority consistently reflects that objective. Like other right-wing institutions, it has become thoroughly #corrupted by its obeisance to the #Republican Party leader, the principle to which all others are now subordinate. This is not the Republican Party Court; it is the #Trump Court.


That’s the idea: By balancing the possibility of any prosecution on this distinction, & by then making that distinction virtually impossible to discern, Roberts eliminates any chance of resolving the underlying #legal issues of #Trump’s current federal prosecution before Trump has a chance to take #power again. If Trump wins, he can then—wielding the sword of “absolute immunity” that #SCOTUS has provided—dismiss the #criminal investigations against him.


“Distinguishing the President’s official actions from his unofficial ones can be difficult,” #JohnRoberts writes. Then he makes it more difficult, writing that “in dividing official from unofficial conduct, courts may not inquire into the President’s motives.”

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