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Donald Trump was shot at by Registered Republican (according to PA state voter files) Thomas Matthew Crooks, who was using a Republican protected AK ASSAULT RIFLE owned by his father.

I've heard reports it wasn't a bullet, but rather a piece of shattered teleprompter that struck Trump's ear..
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Someone is trolling on the Internet and legitimate newspapers take it as a fact... the times we live in. Must be true, because so many people are saying it online. Crazy shit.

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Footage of the Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

The gunman was identified by the FBI as Thomas Matthew Crooks.

Crooks, perched atop a nearby roof, was shot and killed by law enforcement.

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Every newspaper in the world now: ”Trump getting the points”, ”The shooting is a good thing for Trump” etc., including the Finnish media today:

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It’s amazing to me that getting shot is somehow a positive thing. Can’t fathom it.

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The epitome of narcissism. Facing possible assassination, Trump slows the Secret Service detail from evacuating him from the scene, repeating three times: "Let me get my shoes."

I think he cared more about being photographed barefoot than being out of the line of fire.

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Trump was grazed in his right ear and rushed offstage
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Half of adolescents ages 13-19 now live in a state with severely restricted or no legal #abortion access – affecting their choices in college, place of work and family-planning.

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Another tragic loss from political polarization:

Federal funding for scientific research – for everything from large telescopes to programs studying AI and Alzheimer’s research – is getting squeezed

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Democrats need to figure out a strategy for containing the damage of the Supreme Court if they get a second presidential term. Court-packing is often mentioned, but @damemagazine says it may not be the answer. Instead, argues history professor Claire Bond Potter, they should look at eliminating the “zombie laws” right-wing activists use to bring their cases.

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Absolute truth: Trump spoke at the Heritage Foundation as they kicked off Project 2025, and there’s video

Here, this is important; if anyone believes Trump’s lies about not knowing anything about Heritage Foundation / Project 2025 / Mandate for Leadership, here he is speaking to the Heritage Foundation in 2022 as they’re kicking off the project to build the “detailed plans for exactly what our movement will do.”

This is as firm a proof that he’s knowingly lying as could ever be had. It’s direct proof that he was lying, from his own mouth, in his own words, on audio and video. Use it.

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What has been the most vile, nauseating, putrid, disgusting piece of inhumanity that you've ever seen..

This is worse.....

Trump lawyers invoke immunity ruling in bid to toss hush money verdict

Donald Trump, conficted felon and poster boy for breaking the 10 Commandments, is an affront to justice.
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Dear Reporters: when you get to ask a question, it shouldn’t have five sentences of pre-context and a second follow up question at the end.

One question and stfu.

(Looking at you Jeff Mason of Reuters)

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It's not just American presidential candidates that are quite old.

Nearly 20% of members of #Congress are 70 or older, compared with only 6% who are under 40.

Some of the reasons behind this are unavoidable and pretty basic (experience and season of your life makes a difference).

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Memo to clueless white male celebrities who imagine they are, by virtue of their status as prominent, wealthy, white males, leading the progressive movement:

You are not.

People of color and women are the base of the #Democratic party and have been for some time.

The next seventeen weeks would be a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really good time for you to listen substantially more than you speak.

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Americans Abroad are the difference in close #election races - just ask Nikki Fried from #Florida, who won her statewide election to be Agriculture Commissioner by such a margin.

YOU can make the difference in your home state too, where critical races and issues are at stake in #election2024

Request your absentee ballot today at ... and #vote!

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#Biden gave a good speech at the NATO summit. He has done a great job as President in a time where the country needed healing. He will get my vote. Most Democrats are falling in line. I still think it is/was a mistake for him to stay in the race.

He will have good days and bad ones. But the bad ones will slowly outweigh the good ones. I am so tired of people who don't know when they are too old or sick ala Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Dianne Feinstein. I will be 70 myself soon enough. This isn't ageism this is reality. No matter how many teleprompter speeches, just watch the man. He looks terrible when he moves. He has aged 20 years in the last 4. The stakes are so bloody high. We were misled. We are not being told the truth about his health and I am really PO'd about it. #uspolitics

Depressing thought this morning . . . Even when Biden/Harris win the madness of MAGA will not end. #USPolitics

Cutting Social Security does not affect the national debt. Many pundits insist that such cuts are necessary to reduce our deficit and debt, but that isn't true unless you take money from Social Security and use it for other purposes. And existing law forbids that. #uspolitics

They could be playing with grandchildren, building houses for the poor or skydiving.

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The media is going out of their way to normalize Trump and demonize Biden. One thing I think we can do is remind people of this when they seem to follow the media down the “Biden is horrific” rabbit hole. Remind them of the big picture- we only have 2 options. Option one is for a banana republic with presidential power that is nearly unlimited, and option two is someone who is AGAINST that. That is what matters right now, not rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. #politics #uspolitics

Dear (predominantly white, male -- not relevant, just mentioning) pundits/influencers hyperventilating about medical issues you are NOT qualified to offer an opinion on:

Has it occurred to you who benefits MOST from the Democratic Party being portrayed as divided a month before the convention? Think about it.

Here's a little #Wordle puzzle that may help.

We are NOT divided, by the way. Ask a person of color who's a registered Democrat if you're curious about this.



"If you don’t load the dishwasher, don’t legislate about one." -- Katie Porter


"There was nothing extreme in Sotomayor’s [dissent] concerns, & her fears were justified. As a national security analyst, … I know we don’t need to engage in hypotheticals … All we need to understand what a criminally immune Trump might do, with even one executive branch agency given carte blanche, is to remind ourselves what the nation learned about the FBI during the 1970s."
-- Frank Figluzzi, former assist. director counterintelligence at the FBI
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Content warning: #usPol #usPolitics 👀

Now Project 2025 wants to eliminate the National Weather Service.

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Voting for your #Congressional, state and local officials is important!

Your vote holds elected officials accountable for their actions. It forces them to listen to you and the issues that most concern you.

Exercising our right to vote is critical at every level of government.

Go to to request your ballot.

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File under: #WTF

Automated ammunition vending machines have recently been installed in grocery stores across Oklahoma and Alabama.

Yes. Bullets are now being sold like candy in grocery stores.

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The scale of the challenges that NATO faces today at its 75th birthday, both within and without the organization, dwarfs what it confronted as it commemorated its 50th anniversary in 1999 (the last time Washington hosted the summit).

4 things to watch for:

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Play big.

Come together.

Tune out naysayers.

Control what you can control.

Ignore the rest of it. Not just #MSM. All the stuff you can't control. All of it.

You CAN control how many US citizens living abroad see this message:

#Expats are key to securing not just a 2024 win, but a win SO HUGE that MAGA cannot steal it. Go to to #register to #vote and request your #ballot. DO IT NOW.

#Boost this!

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About 500 years ago, Machiavelli offered some #leadership lessons for would-be dictators.

But based on his studies of the fall of the Roman Empire and Renaissance Florence, he also offered advice for people who wished to avoid a Machiavellian dictatorship – and any Americans reading it should take notes.

A political science professor from Tufts University breaks down a few things to take into consideration from Machiavelli:
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BBC is reporting that #Democrats are huddling to decide whether to ask #Biden to step aside as presumptive nominee.

The thing is, that’s not really up to Biden. The party sets its own rules, and it can nominate whomever it wants. They don’t need Biden’s permission.

The thing I find funniest, though, is that it’s like politely asking #Trump to leave the presidency after he lost the election.

No, that’s not how this works. We don’t ask; we tell. The Democratic Party will tell Biden if he’s the nominee, just as the EC process told Trump that he’s no longer going to be president.

It does come across as people hoping they don’t have to make tough decisions or take action, though. Or be held accountable for the result.

Much easier just to let the individual choose for himself.