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Multinational companies have been promising to shrink their carbon footprints for years, and failing to keep those promises. @ProPublica reports on the latest: Nike, which eight years ago committed to doubling its business while halving its impact on the warming planet, and last December, laid off its sustainability team.

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Quick unrelated question - I'm always confused by what hashtags to use on our stories (we're a publisher on Flipboard). Should 2-word hashtags be combined, like #ClimateChange? Will Flipboard automatically see that as a double word hashtag? When I see their tags on stories, the hashtag shows up as two separate words. #Climate change. Thanks for any help. Love the platform!

Scam Alert: Forest carbon offsets sold by the biggest offsetting company in the US offer little or no benefit to the climate, a satellite analysis has found.

Finite Carbon, created in 2009 and bought by oil and gas giant BP in 2020, is responsible for more than a quarter of the US’s total carbon credits. #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #GlobalWarming

#Biden awards $1.7 billion to boost #ElectricVehicles manufacturing and assembly in 8 states

"The #Energy Department will issue grants to create or retain thousands of #UnionJobs and support auto-based communities... The grants cover a broad range of the automotive supply chain, including parts for #electric motorcycles and school buses, hybrid powertrains, heavy-duty commercial truck #batteries etc."

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We’ve known for decades that extremes were coming.

Higher temps ☀️
Drier droughts 🥵
Intense storms ⛈️
Severe floods 🌊
Changing coasts 🏝️
Insecure resources 🌱
Growing conflict 💥
Increased migration🚶🏽‍♂️
Mounting uncertainty 🌍

#ClimateChange is real. It’s here. It’s now. We have work to do.

"State officials told publishers to remove some references to climate change from textbooks used in Florida's public schools."

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped." (#Orwell, #1984)


"US heatwave tied to four Oregon deaths as temperature records are shattered"

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1,000 homes in Cape Town, South Africa destroyed by storms
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Recently released “Climate Emotions Wheel” from the Climate Mental Health Network. I see clearly where my feelings are. Full details in the pdf here:

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If you find yourself in dispute with the economy and conservative ideas about it, arm yourself with heterodox economics.

Why? Because it repudiates their garbage explanations of economies, of national debt etc.

And it's really important, especially now, as all our lives are hurtling to economic disaster from climate change.

The very richest people in the world are destroying our home through their choices create.

This is an excellent article from Mongabay, highly informative and quite disturbing.

A few key points:

⦿ Canada’s 2023 wildfires burned an area nearly the size of Ireland, releasing emissions equivalent to four times the global aviation sector.

⦿ Climate change creates longer, more severe fire seasons, leading to a dangerous feedback loop of increasing emissions.

⦿ Canada’s emissions accounting method excludes wildfire emissions from their U.N. reports, a practice questioned by some experts.


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Labour lifts Tories’ ‘absurd’ ban on onshore windfarms.

The effective ban on onshore windfarms has been dropped by the Labour government, in news that has delighted environmental and energy experts. #ClimateChange

The fossil-fuel industry will build massive seawalls to protect their investments from the climate changes and sea level rise they're causing.
The rest of us are on our own.


The Grab -

Watch this documentary to see how governments and companies go after buying Earth resources from other tribes, in all sorts of terrible ways. From arable land to water. In a crazy race to get enough for their own tribe because of the impacts of climate change that will devastate vast areas on this planet.

This terrible mentality of trying to survive and thrive at the expense of the rest, as if we are not living on the same planet. Same spaceship.

Very telling documentary. Some 10 years in the making.

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"Just think about this for a minute..."
- Aure

For the first time, global oil consumption surpassed 100 million barrels per day in 2023
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The slush pools of Antarctica are holding a lot of water, and putting serous pressurs on the glaciers underneath them.

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The collision of capitalism and climate change means new forms of worker protection are necessary. @yesmagazine #climatechange #heat #workers

David L. Stern: Russia destroyed Ukraine’s energy sector, so it’s being rebuilt green: Even as Ukrainians face one of the darkest winters in their history, authorities see an upside: Ukraine can build a cleaner, eco-friendly energy sector.

"By relentlessly attacking Ukraine’s power sector for the past two years with missiles and drones, Russian President Vladimir Putin has inadvertently accelerated the country’s shift to greener energy options.

Even as Ukrainians look toward one of the coldest and darkest winters in their history, authorities see a potential upside: Ukraine can now begin anew and create a cleaner, eco-friendly energy sector."

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Death Valley will hit 130F (54C) and could break world record amid blistering heat wave

On Friday, 125 million people are under heat alerts with temperature highs forecast in the 100 to 120 range in the West, 80 to 100s across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.
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Google’s emissions are up 48% in 5 years. Microsoft’s are up 30% since 2020. Those soaring figures are being driven by mass investments in data centers to power AI tools.

Generative AI is a climate disaster and data center expansion must be stopped.

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😀 👍 How ‘a suburban dad’ made his house carbon negative and even displaces other people’s fossil fuels

"f they were going to claim to be carbon negative though, Kenrick says “we needed to do something that we could prove was more useful than ticking a box or sending $50 to some offset ‘factories’ in a developing country, or a promise from someone not to burn down 🌲 trees in Canada.🇨🇦 "

Thank you 🇦🇺 😀

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The ocean heat level fueling #HurricaneBeryl was already extraordinarily high compared with past years - with temperatures usually not reached until September.

That’s usually near the end of the Atlantic Hurricane season, not its start.

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"Market Forces cannot halt climate change".

Did not have this headline or photo in the FT of all newspapers on my bingo card for 2024 But basically freakin' right.


Melting of Alaska's Juneau icefield accelerates, losing snow nearly 5 times faster than in the 1980s | AP News


President Joe Biden attacked former President Donald Trump and Republicans on Tuesday for allegedly denying climate change even in the face of extreme heat waves across much of the country.

Biden made the remarks while delivering a speech in Washington, D.C., regarding the record-breaking heat wave. The president announced a new proposed federal rule that would extend workplace heat protections to an estimated 36 million workers.

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