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I'm part of a Swedish group of mature students in pictorial storytelling (ie. comics, storyboarding, and illustration) planning to visit the International Angoulême Comics Festival 2025. We're starting early, but getting accommodation is still tricky. So I'm reaching out here on Mastodon; if you have any tips, help, or useful advice we're all ears!
(Please boost!)
#Angouleme2025 #AngoulemeComicsFestival #Bande_Dessinée #comics

i'm trying to get away from storenvy!!
a site so bad that adblockers wont even load it for people D:

not the greatest place to sell physical copies of my comics or whatever. now i've got a shop on kofi. check it out~

#giftIdeas #zine #comics #buyIntoArt #art #fediArt #mastoArt

“That stuff u said about yr beach batman is still fuckin w/me.” I have discovered the regularly publsihed #comics by Tom McHenry at and I immediately like them all, starting with the most recent one.

And the RSS feed works! Even if the "RSS" hyperlink doesn’t!

There's a big #comics bundle on itch benefiting the Palestine Children's Relief Fund: Today also happens to be Itch Creator Day, when the site doesn't take its usual cut of sales.

"A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man."—Vito Corleone

The latest from Texas Observer Political Cartoonist Ben Sargent, in our magazine:

#comics #PoliticalCartoon #KenPaxton #TXlege #Texas #politics #corruption #Republicans

A cartoon depicts Ken Paxton watching The Godfather on TV, wearing a mafia-style ostentatious purple suit and fedora hat. On TV, Michael Corleone is saying, "Today, I settled all family business..." As Ken Paxton reacts with utter glee, "Yes! Oh YES!"
Caption: Ken Paxton's favorite! The line in "The Godfather" in which Michael Corleone announces he has just had all his enemies whacked ...

So great to see Jeff Smith doing so well, interviewed here in this great article about his new project. #jeffsmith #bone #comics

Happy Sunday!

Help us rediscover our erstwhile Twitter readership—and they to rediscover us—by sharing RS! Let's strengthen the Masto webcomic community!


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#Art #MastoArt #Comic #Comics #WebComic #WebComics #Fantasy #RisingSand

A promotional image for Rising Sand, depicting Dal sitting sadly on a cliff. RS058, wherein Sorril's dialog becomes a Choose Your Own Adventure™.
RS042, wherein Lyale is sick of Sorril's shit. RS163, wherein Lyale has mail.

Today, November 10, there is a circulatory system walking through the kitchen (Watchmen, 1986)

#Comics #Watchmen

A panel from a comic showing a glowing circulatory system walking through a room as people recoil from it in fear. The caption reads, “It’s November 10th now. There is a circulatory system walking through the kitchen…”