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The entire point of the #fediverse is to decentralize social media.

Whether it's pretty. non-profit, or intolerant to hate speech is secondary.

#Bluesky has no interest in proper decentralization of the network. The goal is to provide an illusion of autarchy and mobility while data is still centralized.

So they've no incentive to actually solve the challenges a distributed system comes with.
Why else do you think it takes so much time to make #Mastodon as easy and fun to use as Threads or BS?

Klar kann jede:r machen, was er/sie will. Aber warum man von X auf eine neue Plattform abwandert, die vom AntiVaxxer #Dorsey gegründet wurde und betrieben wird, und die vom Sammeln von Userdaten lebt, verstehe ich halt nicht. Schon gar nicht bei der Science und der Medicine Community.

Aus der #Bluesky Privacy Policy:
"We collect information that you provide to us, information we obtain automatically when you use our Services, and information from other sources such as third-party services and organizations. [...] We use your personal information for a variety of business purposes."

I am now also on #bluesky. Let's see how this turns out. I clearly prefer the concept of #Mastodon but it can be a little one-dimensional here at times when it comes to topics and political views and the whole #fedidrama and #fediblock hysteria can be a little annoying too.

Bin ich blind, oder kann man bei #Bluesky sein Konto nicht löschen? 🧐

A brief statement of opinion. I have been on #Bluesky for 2 days. It's full of all the big self-promoters like on T.witter. Stolen pictures, Elon, the tone of the conversation is the same as on T.witter. They hope it stays cozy and no Nazis come across. They continue exactly as before and don't even notice. Hopeless.
Artist: #TABBY / #TabbyThis in City: #Hamburg Germany 🇩🇪 2023 - Title: "Umbrella Man" #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #StencilArt )
The picture has nothing to do with the text:
Streetartwall. On a turquoise painted house wall was sprayed / painted mural of a man with umbrella. The man with baseball cap and umbrella in hand, is depicted in black. Under the umbrella, the wall is beige, instead of turquoise.

Oliver Nachtwey über #Bluesky:

»Es wird gerade ein wenig spannend (Mastodon war nicht mal in der Nähe davon).« 🤡🤡🤡

Mastodon hat noch immer mehr Gesamtnutzer, aber vielleicht nicht mehr Deutsche, möglich.

Nachtwey hat hier einen Account mit 506 Followern, zuletzt im Dezember 22 getrötet, folgt 26 Personen. Auf zu Bluesky!! 💪

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Hier gibt es ja einige, die gerade #Bluesky für sich entdeckt haben und zum Teil sogar besser als #Mastodon finden.
Könnten mir diese Personen mal ein paar Vorteile aufzeigen?
Vielleicht war ich bisher nicht in der Lage diese zu sehen…

Gehört sich ja nicht in einem sozialen Netzwerk Werbung fürs andere zu machen, aber ich hätte noch 4 Codes für #Bluesky falls jemand noch Bedarf hat. 😏

Die gerade einsetzende Dynamik relevanter Teile der Wissenschafts-Bubble von #eXtwitter Richtung #bluesky statt #Mastodon macht mich wieder mal ratlos.

Ich vermute hier ähnliche Mechanismen wie bei Open Access: Mensch weiß schon irgendwie, dass es besser wäre, aber die oft prekäre Gesamtsituation führt zu einem strukturkonservativem Verhalten.

Keine Ahnung, wie man das durchbrechen kann.

Gebt es zu, #Mastodon hat es nicht wirklich geschafft, relevant zu werden und der Zug ist jetzt wohl abgefahren, wo alles zu #Bluesky abwandert.

*Except for promoting other platforms IMO excluding that of Elmo's PayPal #JackDorsey (#Bluesky).
Wolf in a sheep's skin.

idle observation on #bluesky:

the german community has on bluesky has grown massively, and significantly more than other european communities on bluesky.

Ive counted the top 50 posts that were made today between 9am and 12am CEST:

41/50 were in german
6/50 were in english
2/50 in norse
1/50 in japanese

The time zones makes it logical that US is barely on there, in prime US time and night time for EU this is obviously massively different. I'm more interested in that German is heavily dominant, but that there is no French or Spanish for example.

Thanks, I’m aware of this… 👍 Just a friendly nagging there might be additional interest in the future for a deeply integrated #Bluesky application. I know it's most likely not reasonable to already act now.

Hej @MonaApp, would you also consider creating a native (as in using the #atprotocol directly) app once #Bluesky ended its invite only beta phase?

Asking for a friend.

Der #XKollaps

Ich gehe derzeit von folgendem Szenario aus:

Nachdem #X (Twitter) ja schon Ende letzten Jahres begann, Mieten, Lieferanten und Abfindungen nicht zu bezahlen und nunmehr seit Juli auch einen (von mir erwartet) negativen Cash Flow hat*.

Zum Zeitpunkt einer irgendwann in den nächsten Monaten (?) nicht unwahrschenlichen Insolvenz, wird es seitens der Elmo-Fanboy-Accounts einen Großaufruf zum gemeinsamen Wechsel nach #Bluesky geben, um die Netzwerke nicht zu verlieren.


Ah yes, #Bluesky, a very good social platform

Wonder what this looks like on #Mastodon in comparison :thinking_rotate:

Eugen, macht mal Quote-Posts und schickes Design, bevor alle zu #Bluesky abgewandert sind!

@Gargron #Mastodon

"Fool Me Twice We Don’t Get Fooled Again", from @pluralistic

A federatable service isn’t a federated one. The fact that #Bluesky and #Threads claim that they will someday be federated is an ocean away from actually federating. Enshittification isn’t merely the result of greed or foolishness — it is the inevitable consequence of a captive userbase.

Offenbar konnte von der Ankündigung Elon Musks, eine Bezahlschranke für alle einführen zu wollen, dieses Mal vor allem #Bluesky profitieren. Trotz "Invite Only" vergrößerte sich die User*innenschaft um etwa 5 Prozent.
#Twitter #X #Mastodon #Bluesky

If you still have an account on Twitter, I appreciate any help to boost this to try and convince more to move! :birdsite: :mastodon:
#twittermigration #twitter #mastodonmigration #socialmedia #threads #bluesky #mastodon
🐦Twitter: Elon Musk
🧵Threads: Mark Zuckerberg
🦋BlueSky: Jack Dorsey
🐘Mastodon: Eugen Rochko
Photos of four social media platform owners/leaders

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Love how I can login to any third party just by using the app password generated within Bluesky. No need to create so many accounts just to check out different app/sites. One of the biggest activitypub fediverse complaint when using Mastodon Pixelfed etc

"Use app passwords to login to other Bluesky clients without giving full access to your account or password."

#foss #bluesky #atproto #activitypub #fediverse #mastodon #pixelfed #opensource #oss

Love how I can login to any third party just by using the app password generated within Bluesky. No need to create so many accounts just to check out different app/sites. One of the biggest activitypub fediverse complaint when using Mastodon Pixelfed etc

"Use app passwords to login to other Bluesky clients without giving full access to your account or password."

Twitter-Alternative: #Bluesky knackt Marke von einer Million Accounts

Ein Jahr nach der #TwitterÜbernahme hat es den Anschein, dass Abwandernde auf unterschiedlichen Plattformen landen. Nun hat die nächste eine Million Accounts.

#Kurznachrichtendienst #SocialMedia #TwitterAlternative

Screenshots der Bluesky-App

Fuck it. #YOLO

#Bluesky continues to be entirely non-responsive to the numerous security vulnerabilities I've reported to them, so I spent the evening writing up a nice README and a framework with exploit modules, and just made it all public.

Have fun.

#infosec #security

Pls. read and #boost this: Here’s what personal data is collected by Meta’s #Threads as well as by #Twitter, #Bluesky, #Mastodon, #Spill, and #HiveSocial


A siluette of a woman using a mobile. Red background 
THREAD: This is harrowing. Saudi Arabia wanted the names of 6000 anonymous Arab Spring dissidents from Twitter. At first,

MBS tried to get their names using EDRs - requests under emergency circumstances. When that proved cumbersome, KSA basically bought Twitter.

They did so by threatening to pull twitter out of their market (biggest in the Middle East) and by offering to invest in heavily in Twitter. They also positioned two spies inside Twitter who helped funnel the personal information on dissidents out of Twitter to (6.

In 2011, they invested $300M. In 2022, MBS bought that investment for $1.5B, worth $1.9B later that year, making KSA (The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) the biggest shareholder of Twitter behind Elon Musk.

The two KSA spies inside Twitter INFORMED Twitter that the personally identifying information they were gathering was for the Saudi Government. One received money and gifts from the KSA in exchange for the user data including $300K and a nice job after he fled the US.
Not only that, but the KSA oversaw a digital army of hundreds of Twitter users who hunted for dissident voices, they KNEW because the FBI confronted Twitter about it in 2015

Within 48 hours of the FBI visit to Twitter, the social media company acknowledged they had "found" the leak to the FBI - proving they knew. The next day, the spy fled the US!

Six months later, Jack shithead met with MBS to discuss how they could work together to "train & qualify" Saudi groups on Twitter to do the very same work the two spy employees had done. And just 8 months prior to that meeting, KSA doubled its investment in Twitter.

Once KSA had recruited Twitter, it plotted to kidnap, disappear, & murder multiple dissident voices including the plaintiff's brother, and Jamal Khashoggi. The transnational criminal enterprise of threats to anonymous Twitter dissidents continues to this day.

Read this lawsuit to understand WHY the KSA - MBS own the second largest chunk of Twitter behind Elon Musk. How involved is Musk?