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France bans TikTok, Twitter from government staff phones amid security concerns

"Guerini’s office said in a message to The Associated Press that the ban also will include Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, gaming apps like Candy Crush and dating apps."

Sounds like a lot of different apps 👀

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New #Instagram scam uses fake #SHEIN gift cards as lure

There are constantly new scams similar to this one appearing on social media ⁠— fortunately, there are straightforward ways to steer clear of them.

Via Avast blog

It’s not just #TikTok: #French also warn against #WhatsApp and #Instagram

Content warning: Yeah, Twitter is (un)officially done

The Hon Debbie Ngarewa-Packer MP was right when she questioned our government’s decision to ban Tiktok from parliamentary devices.
If it’s about foreigners getting hold of data, then why not ban Facebook and Instagram?
Last I looked, Tiktok had not been party to any genocides.
Parliamentary Services says at least Meta is American and operates in […]

"Neatly aligned glass spice jars ... wicker baskets filled with packages of pasta, crackers and snacks."

The kitchen pantry is a prime example of how organization has become big business in today's consumer culture.

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Putting aside the commercialization & data harvesting of the fediverse with #Meta that was introduced in that discussion, my fear is, will #Mastodon instances of 100, 1000, 5K, 10K or even 50K be able to withstand the replication data size and cost required with the introduction of 2.35 billion monthly active #Instagram users, even if just a small percentage uses Meta's #Fediverse #ActivityPub offering.

#Canadians would no longer be able to access news on #Facebook or #Instagram if the federal government's proposed #BillC18, the Online News Act, passes in its current form, the parent company behind the two popular social media platforms said.

#Meta spokesperson Lisa Laventure shared the decision in an email on Saturday, saying the bill's current provisions would place the company in an untenable position

Twitter abruptly bans all links to Instagram, Mastodon, and other competitors

The platform will still allow the paid promotion of these banned social platforms, however.

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People need to understand.

#Google isn't a search engine.
#Facebook isn't a journal to share with your friend.
#Instagram isn't a public photo album.
#Twitter isn't a micro-blogging website.

They are all advertisement companies.

I don't know, hey. Out of the 100s of people I know and interact with. 1 has a #Twitter account. However, everyone is on #Facebook and #Instagram. I am the only one who doesn't.

Agreed! Looking at my #Instagram settings, I actually did this for a variety of words, not just epithets.

It's a great feature to prevent spammers from marketing their various quick-get-rich schemes in the comment section as well.

Hmmm…I wonder if #Pixelfed has this feature‽ I need to check!

Your idea is not far-fetched as both #Instagram & #Twitter have comment/response tools where you can limit who can respond to posts.

It's a great way to reduce harassment & spam. I think on Instagram you can even implement word filters to block out certain comments that utter phrases you do not like.

Facebook App? Google?

Apps w/Microphone/Cam Access Could Listen & 🕵️ Report Users (out of context)

⚠️ Ex: Conversation Taken Out Of Context (ever discuss part of a movie?)

TIP: Deny HW Access To Apps & Use Websites Over Apps

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Ett perfekt praktexempel på att man ska alltid - ALLTID - använda sig av UNIKA lösenord som är riktigt starka (helst passphrase med minst 4 ord och 1 siffra) och tvåstegsverifering!

Ni som kör med lösenord som är enkla att komma ihåg och inte använder sig av tvåstegsverifiering, ta en rejäl tankeställare!

Bitwarden[1] är stekhett rekommenderat!


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