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Why isn't #Twitter (X) dead yet? #ElonMusk has done everything he can to bury the #platform, hasn't he?

In my opinion, it's the journalists who are treated like dirt (💩) by #Musk but just can't let go of the platform.

That's partly because they prefer to make headlines with #clickbait and scandals and still link diligently on Twitter. In this way, they give the platform relevance in the media and make Musk's rants seem like important discourse. On the other hand, it is because the average journalist is apparently too incompetent to discover new platforms for himself.

I'm probably doing an injustice to the little journalist who is just trying to make ends meet somehow. But it's amazing that the big publishers are so inflexible or have made themselves so dependent on Twitter that they can't or won't switch.

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This is a spectacularly good analysis of why traffic referrals from social media have fallen off a cliff and what it means for publishers. This all comes out of what @pluralistic calls the enshittification of publishing, social media, and ads. People are tired of and overwhelmed by clickbait journalism. The answer, of course, is to provide actually good content, and present it well.

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As a media analyst, I share the frustration that many publishers have. As a niche publisher, I stopped using Facebook several years ago because that was when they stopped showing my followers my articles. And we see the same thing now on other channels, like Twitter.

But, at the same time, it's painfully clear that this fake social focus, where we are not actually being social and creating communities, but are instead optimizing for random people doing random crap, but having zero interest or connection, was never a good future for publishers to have.
And finally, we have the elephant in the room... which is advertising.

The way advertising works today, for publishers, is fundamentally hostile to our future business model. Obviously there are different types of advertising, but the main culprit here is third-party programmatic display advertising.

The problem with that model is that it's defined around scale and volume, and now that publishers are seeing a decline in that area, these third party ad networks are acting against our future strategies and revenue potentials.

For instance, right now we see a lot of economic uncertainty that has caused brands to not only demand better results for less money, but also made brands very reluctant in terms of ad spending.
What doesn't work is to produce even more crappy content. If Netflix did that, everyone would cancel their Netflix subscription. Instead, the winning strategy (which is not as easy as it sounds) is to produce really good content for bored people to watch.

It's the same for magazines or newspapers. You can't fix this by creating more crappy content because the 'source' of traffic is not realistic. For instance, I see many who are saying that they will just use AI to produce a ton of low-quality crappy articles to have something for their bored audiences to see, often via SEO. But, it's only going to be a matter of time before Google de-ranks that type of content because none of it is what people want when they are searching for something they need.


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#YOUTUBE PREMIER ABOUT TO START (join the live chat!):

Unless time travel is a thing, no, Trump was not suggesting Milley could be executed with the following sentence.

This seems like just more misreporting about what the guy says, when he manages to string together a coherent sentence.

“This is an act so egregious that, in times gone by, the punishment would have been DEATH!”

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In addition, our Editor-in-Chief @gabrielarana responded with an essay of his own:

"Simplistic thinking about race—in which people and systems turn a blind eye to racism and let racist social forces run amok—actually enables #racism."

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On Fridays, we highlight important stories of the past week.

This time, let us bring your attention to Kathleen McElroy's heartfelt essay about her recent experience with making headlines instead of writing them...

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How Copaganda Really Works: The media plays a huge role in spreading police-centered narratives

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New at Media Nation: Trump's “Meet the Press" interview was a lie-filled exercise in pointlessness. #journalism

Read this item from today's Politico. It describes how false equivalency and both-sides-ing are not just a lazy habit in journalism, but a tool of politics that incorporates the bad journalism into party behavior, thus making a mockery of the images of detachment on which the press sells itself.

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What's better than tomato soup? Posie Parker being covered in tomato soup! And what's better than Posie Parker being covered in tomato soup? Honestly, nothing, but it's pretty satisfying that she's being sued for copyright infringement by the Campbell's soup company over selling stuff with their soup cans on it, to profit from the time when she got covered in soup. #trans #news #journalism #humor

This soup's for you:

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A closeup photo of an orange and white cat's face, sitting their chin on an upholstered chair arm, with a seemingly pensive expression.

Amazing support! The Trans Data Library has passed 50 contributors, raising more than $8000 towards our $20,000 goal, which will support the project for its first year.

Please, keep sharing and chip in if you can. Together we're creating a better source of information on anti-trans organizations and activists to help journalists, politicians, and the public understand who these bad actors are and where all this moral panic is coming from. #trans #transgender #journalism

A sneak preview of the September/October issue of Texas Observer magazine, featuring stories by Eva Ruth Moravec, Kit @oconnell, Reynaldo Leaños Jr. and @gabrielarana.

The new issue will be arriving in mailboxes, inboxes, and at select newsstands soon.

#TexasNeedsAnObserver! Help us keep reporting by becoming a member today, and you'll get future issues too:

(🎨 Cover by Drue Wagner)
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The September/October 2023 issue of the Texas Observer features an illustration of a female-presenting person fearfully peeking over a windowsill at the "party house" across the street, a short-term rental with a raging crowd dancing, fighting, drinking, and dealing with the cops. The top story is "All the Scary Houses: Neighborhoods fight the giant companies pushing the short-term rental tidal wave". Other top stories include "Queens Defiant," "The Last Texan to Die in Afghanistan," and "Toppling Statues."

Stunned that this isn't getting more attention in the local press, but I guess we do have a lot going down in the ATL at the moment

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Some of my fellow journalists have been talking up as an alternative to ChatGPT, so I checked it out for this week's AI Writer World newsletter. Also: latest #aiwriter news and opinions. #journalism #ai

Earlier this week, I discussed how establishing a commons of tightly-focused local newsrooms would strengthen democracy and provide much-needed support for underserved communities. Enter Press Forward, which is providing half a billion dollars to do just that.

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Anyone read an explanation or a backgrounder for the apparent split between the USA Center for Disease Control and the United Nation's World Health Organisation?

CDC, or at least the USA, seems to be leading a group of North and Central American nations which have stopped sharing Covid-19 / SARS-CoV-2 data with the WHO.

What is going on?
Where is the #media coverage?

Does the National Review really think that ANY time a person has a secret with a child who isn't their own it's the same thing as grooming?

Like, what about a grandmother taking a grandkid shopping for Mother's Day? Or a kid who whispers "I hate my little brother, don't tell mom" to a babysitter or an aunt?

Common sense is completely out the window in this moral panic. #trans #journalism #news

More here:

“sourced from Twitter” was a tell-take sign of over-reliance by mainstream #media and corporate #journalism, and now the zone is being flooded with shit.

I'm rarely proud of my own writing; this piece is an exception. I'm proud of this one. It''s a topic I'd wanted to write about for a long time and it rested on a partnership with an incarcerated author, David Annarelli. I couldn't have written it without him. This is part of a series, one of which will be by him.

Please share; I'd like to get this one out in the world, along with its siblings.

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I had a HUGE response to my story yesterday on the unsavory behavior of New York Times reporter Azeen Ghorayshi in her dealings with the families of transgender youth.

My source described Ghorayshi at one point following her and her husband to their car, standing in the car door to stop them from driving away.

It's a holiday weekend, so here's the link again. You don't want to miss this one. #trans #journalism #news