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#Microsoft found that a Chinese government group had installed malicious code in U.S. telecommunications systems. The code appeared to be part of an espionage campaign, but could be used for destructive attacks #China

It's a step forward.

Why does it seem like it's only Google's #Spyware that gets something resembling appropriate regulations? When are they going to start enforcing anti-spyware legislation on #Disney, #Apple, and #Microsoft ? #BanDRM

Looks like we're going to see a big legal fight between #Twitter and #Microsoft.

My money is on Microsoft winning.

This will never go to trial, but Microsoft has a killer legal team.

Elon Musk’s personal lawyer Alex Spiro sent a letter on behalf of Twitter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella that accuses Microsoft of violating Twitter’s developer agreement, as reported by The New York Times. In the Thursday letter (available in full below), Spiro claims that Microsoft may have been in violation of “multiple provisions” of Twitter’s developer agreement “for an extended period of time.”

Important point, too, covered here:

"#Google and #Microsoft’s #chatbots are already #citing one another in a #misinformation shitshow [#enshittificatiom] / #Microsoft’s #Bing said Google’s #Bard had been shut down after it misread a story citing a tweet sourced from a joke. It’s not a good sign for the future of online misinformation."


...have guessed it, it is also making big strides, one company being...(Bingo!) yet again, #Microsoft:

I do not want to enter in systems theory and the like here (see link at the end), but while it is nice and correct to call for

"Developers have the responsibility to ensure that #AI systems like #ChatGPT are developed ethically, with safeguards in place to prevent any misuse or harm."

This, I am sorry to say, is wishful thinking...

"Progress" into the abyss on a bi-monthly basis:

Autonomous Systems and Robotics Group

February 20, 2023

We extended the capabilities of #ChatGPT to #robotics, and controlled multiple platforms such as robot arms, *#drones*, and *home* assistant robots intuitively with language."

Well, apparently #microsoft #Sharepoint now has the ability to scan inside of password-protected zip archives.

How do I know? Because I have a lot of Zips (encrypted with a password) that contain malware, and my typical method of sharing those is to upload those passworded Zips into a Sharepoint directory.

This morning, I discovered that a couple of password-protected Zips are flagged as "Malware detected" which limits what I can do with those files - they are basically dead space now.

While I totally understand doing this for anyone other than a malware analyst, this kind of nosy, get-inside-your-business way of handling this is going to become a big problem for people like me who need to send their colleagues malware samples. The available space to do this just keeps shrinking and it will impact the ability of malware researchers to do their jobs.

A cropped screenshot from Microsoft Sharepoint says that a password protected zip archive is flagged as "malware detected" - accurate, because it is an archive of malware samples. But maybe Microsoft could just keep their goddamn noses out of my business.

I have been *dying* to talk about this and finally can.

Remember that 0-click Outlook vulnerability with a custom sound leading to NTLM theft? The one that MSFT themselves stated it originated and was being actively used by Russian actors?

@nachoskrnl found a way to bypass the patch to it. By adding one singular slash.

Write-up 👇​

#microsoft #patchtuesday #outlook #vulnerability

Warum haben #Zoom, Deutsche Post #DHL, #finleap, #Microsoft und das #Bundesfinanzministerium in diesem Jahr je einen der #BigBrotherAwards bekommen?

Die unerwünschten, aber oft unterhaltsamen Lobreden sind jetzt auf unserer #PeerTube schnell mit Sprungmarken zu finden:
(Evt. ist ein Klick auf »Show more« bzw. »Mehr anzeigen« nötig.)

Unterhalb von sind die Videos jetzt auch in die Texte der Laudationes eingebettet.

#bba23 #Zoombies #Lindner #Finanzministerium #PStTG

#BloatyNosy no longer in the Microsoft Store: banned by #Microsoft overnight

Via discussion

A goofy cartoon depicting special characters in passwords acting like "digital garlic" to scare away vampires and werewolves.

Aufruf: Mit welchen Alternativen kann die Abkehr von Microsoft im Bildungswesen gelingen? Ich möchte weitere Erfahrungsberichte [1] aus der Praxis sammeln. Sendet [2] mir dazu bitte sachliche Meinungen, Ideen und Erkenntnisse. 🙏


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59 years ago today, the first computer program written in #BASIC was run.

The easy-to-learn and -use #programming language revolutionized #computing. A decade later, #BillGates would co-found #Microsoft to develop and sell the BASIC interpreter for the #Altair 8800, the first commercially successful desktop microcomputer.

More from when #Dartmouth celebrated BASIC’s fiftieth anniversary:

#ProgrammingLanguages #ComputingHistory #retrocomputing #coding


"...goes as far as to claim that #superintelligence "*isn't* a long-term issue," but is even "more short-term than e.g. climate change and most people's retirement planning."

To support his theory, the researcher pointed to a recent #Microsoft study arguing that #OpenAI's large language model GPT-4 is already showing *"sparks" of AGI* and a recent talk given by #DeepLearning researcher Yoshua Bengio*."

[And as I am living proof, you do not even...

"Progress" into the abyss on a bi-monthly basis:

Autonomous Systems and Robotics Group

February 20, 2023

We extended the capabilities of #ChatGPT to #robotics, and controlled multiple platforms such as robot arms, *#drones*, and *home* assistant robots intuitively with language."

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

#chatgpt #robotics

Microsoft decides to continue to work with russian private companies not under sanctions

After the start of the russian invasion of Ukraine, Microsoft announced it will halt all new sales of its products in russia. It stopped sales of Xbox consoles, Azure, Windows, and #Microsoft 365 among others.

It also scaled down its operations in russia by letting go of 400 employees.

Read more here🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine #RussiaIsATerroristState

Can you receive a lifetime achievement award twice?

You can if you are #Microsoft:

They force people, companies and government agencies to continually transmit data, and therefore to allow themselves to be spied upon, as a regular part of their digital activities.

#bba23 #BigBrotherAwards

laudator Dr. Thilo Weichert, DVD, Netzwerk Datenschutzexpertise