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Manchmal ist bei #Microsoft #Windows einfach alles langsam und es gibt keine Möglichkeit zu schauen was los ist.
Schade, dass es keinen wirklich tauglichen Taskmanager gibt so wie unter Linux z.B htop.

I played a bunch of #Forza Motorsports tonight. I never played it when it was released because it was apparently a disaster. It was 50% off on #Steam, so I picked up with the expectation that it would be worth it if it is at least 50% fun.

I had a lot of fun playing it. The one nit I have is that they changed the more energetic music of Forza Motorsports 7 to some boring music that seems to have been stolen from #Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Otherwise, it’s typical Forza Motorsports. Lots of pretty cars, some good track selection and well tuned for controller play — I will have to pull out my Logitech wheel and pedals this weekend to try Forza Motorsport with.

#gaming #videogames

Hallo @BSI wieso ist denn das #BSI im Vergleich zu den Behörden in den USA so zaghaft, wenn es um das Thema #Microsoft geht?

Meine Frage bezieht sich auf folgenden lesenswerten Artikel:

#security #itsec #bsi

New from @STAT's Casey Ross and me:

#Microsoft has helped organize at least 4 efforts to set standards in #healthcare #AI. Is that problematic?

also: did I sneak a history of the EPA's TSCA into a story about AI? ✨click to find out✨

#health #healthcare #healthtech #medicine #healthpolicy #regulatorycapture

Got a BSOD on my work laptop. I haven't seen one of those in ages. Looked it up and it's usually related to the wireless adapter. #microsoft solution: disable the adapter!

Microsoft says Russian interference in US elections is already underway, and it's more effective than you think
Microsoft says Russian interference in US elections is already underway, and it's more effective than you think #microsoft #russian #US #election #interference #disinformation

the talk. credit ig #infosec #security #microsoft #technology

Jürgen Schmidt (er ist unter anderem Leiter von heise Security) hat auf einen schonungslosen Kommentar zu den dramatischen Sicherheitsproblemen von und mit #Microsoft geschrieben. Am liebsten würde ich ihn vollständig zitieren. Aber das geht natürlich nicht, darum nur ein kleines Highlight:

Zusammengefasst: Microsofts Sicherheitskultur ist dokumentiertermaßen verlottert und ihre IT-Infrastruktur unzureichend gesichert; Angreifer verschiedenster Couleur geben sich dort beim Heraustragen von Daten die Klinken in die Hand. Und herausgetragen werden natürlich auch und vor allem die Daten von Microsofts Kunden.

#Security #DigitaleSouveränität #digitalsovereignty

So, Microsoft is silently installing Copilot onto Windows Server 2022 systems and this is a disaster.

How can you push a tool that siphons data to a third party onto a security-critical system?

What privileges does it have upon install? Who thought this is a good idea? And most importantly, who needs this?

#infosec #security #openai #microsoft #windowsserver #copilot

My new #Keychron K3 version 2 arrived! It's a low profile #mechanicalkeyboard (75% keyboard, red switches) that is replacing my #Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard.

I have been using the Microsoft keyboard for a while after switching from a larger Keychron K4 version 2 (96% keyboard, red switches).

I found that I missed the tactile feel of typing -- and the sound of typing. The Microsoft keyboard is nice, but the typing experience was mushy and muted.

Intressant dokumentär som beskriver hur Europa blev och är en Microsoft-mjukvarukoloni.

#opensource #microsoft #linux #documentary #technology

Don’t do this Microsoft.

The incremental revenue you gain from sticking ads in the Windows Start Menu will not be worth the good will that will be burned.

#microsoft #windows

A German state has said no to Microsoft!

#opensource #microsoft

#Microsoft employees exposed internal passwords in #security lapse


Security researchers Can Yoleri, Murat Özfidan and Egemen Koçhisarlı with #SOCRadar, a #cybersecurity company that helps organizations find security weaknesses, discovered an open and public storage server hosted on Microsoft’s #Azure #cloud service that was storing internal information relating to Microsoft’s #Bing search engine.

#fail #password #leak #problem #news

Instead of blowing a shitload of donation money on #AI bs, how about you actually focus on what really matters, @mozilla ?



  1. log off
  2. get outside
  3. touch grass
  4. take a good and long sleep
  5. rethink what you just posted
  6. undo the harm you just did.

A longterm Firefox and Thunderbird user.

Content warning: thread 3/

It seems like it’s amateur hour at #Microsoft.


I do not have a degree from Harvard Business School, so my take on this maybe completely wrong...

If one has a service that costs more than $20/month/user and then turns around to sell the service for $10/month/user... That doesn't seem like a good business plan.

Maybe it's just me...

#ai #microsoft

Proton Mail says that the new #Outlook app for Windows is #Microsoft's new #data collection service
“Microsoft shares your data with 772 third-parties. Yes, you read that right, 772.”
Just use

I would use #Outlook only in a business context. Then it's corporate data, and the company can decide to share it with #Microsoft or not. Having 813 "partners" which use your private data while you use Outlook for your private emails, sounds like a #privacy nightmare.

⚡ Watch out: #Microsoft joins #Google & #Facebook with its focus on ads first. ⚡

When creating a test account, #Outlook informed us of 813 data sharing partners! 🫢

Plus, the "new" Outlook app is quietly storing your data in the cloud, including your passwords.

Dear #microsoft, I am in China, but my Windows region is set to UK. My display language is set to English (UK), I'm using a VPN so my IP address is not Chinese. I'm signed into a UK Microsoft account with the language of that account set to, you've guessed, English (UK).

So, why is every single widget on the Windows 11 widget side bar in Chinese with Chinese content?

Immer mehr evangelische Landeskirchen, aber auch Freikirchen setzen auf Microsoft 365 und liefern ihre Daten ihrer Gläubigen schutzlos an #Microsoft aus.

Das scheint wohl der neue goldene Kalb zu sein.

#EvangelischeKirche #Kirche #Datenschutz #DSGVO #Tracking

I hope you did not forget about #Microsoft and their continuing #monopoly abuse.