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#Linux Has Become Complicated and Limiting (Gnome, Wayland, etc.)

I call bull, Linux got much easier over the years, most distro maintainer quickly adopt to complaints and suggestions.

#Linux #audio: #PreSonus Studio24C -vs- #Steinberg UR22C #review !

Studio24C has 5-state level indicators for both input and output channels. UR22C has only 2 state indicators (peak or not) for ins, and nothing for outs. You won't know if you get any audio until it's clipped. Without a software meter, gain is a mystery. That's crippling. Why didn't they use RGB LEDs?

UR22C's selling point is onboard DSP that can only be set on Windows or Mac. Also can run on a powerbank.

More details in pics!
PreSonus Studio 24C USB-C 2.0 audio interface running on Linux.

Fantastic front panel with 5-state level indicators for both input and output channels. Combo sockets on the left, big display in the middle, all controls on the right. Balanced TRS outputs, a stereo headphone output plus MIDI in/out ports on the back - less desk clutter!
Phantom switch with an LED indicator on the front as well - could be on the back, but if you have lots of mics in your home studio to swap between this can't hurt.

No High-Z input option though, but it takes guitar input fine.

Overall a joy to use. Works flawlessly on Linux without issues.

One downside I noticed was distorted stereo balance on the headphone output pot on low levels. At the absolute low end all signal pans to the right before going mute completely, but that's rarely an issue in normal use. It did appeared after a couple months of use and I had the same problem on Behringer UMC202HD, though that one lasted a year or two before developing the unbalanced headphone knob syndrome.

Interestingly the monitoring Mixer (Inputs/Outputs) is clearly done in software and has a delayed reaction to knob inputs. More a curiosity than a problem really.

You might think that it using USB 2.0 instead of USB 3.1 like Steinberg UR22C is a downside - actually it's an upside, because it doesn't reduce it's functionality or audio quality at all. I think it's just because of DSP power cost on the UR22C.

This unit comes with 2 USB leads as well! Steinberg's UR22C is clearly compenstating for something with that box size.

How much packaging and shipping overhead does that add in comparison to PreSonus Studio 24C?

Steinberg's box has:
- the device
- a USB C-A lead
- a thick manual or two
- extra cardboard and plastic
- lots of expansive air that's shipped across the world

PreSonus' box has:
- the device
- a USB A-C lead
- a USB C-C lead (yes! an extra cable!)
- a set of optional 4 rubber feet (everyone else has them pre-applied)
- a slim booklet
- a little bit of packaging foam to protect the device
- no space left

To be fair Steinberg's device is a tiny bit larger itself, as it has to contain extra DSP hardware you'll never use on Linux anyway.

My opinion: UR22C is a complete waste and an inferior experience if you don't specifically need it's unique features (onboard DSP and independent power source port).
Steinberg UR22C USB-C 3.1 interface running on Linux.

Only 2-state input level indicators means your only feedback from the device about your gain levels is when they're too hot already. No indicators for output, though that's standard fare.

Gain knobs are placed close to their respective combo sockets, LEDs on the top, knobs on the center and right.

A large main output knob with a white LED ring around it that only tells you if the device has power. Could be RGB to show output levels.

The audio input indicators could also have been RGB LEDs showing way more feedback about input signal.
I guess this might be better if you're colorblind because all lights are either on of off. But Pre-Sonus still beats that hands-down with 4 LEDs for each input and output channel which are distinguished both by position and color, with a dB scale present as well.

UR22C's main unique feature is onboard DSP that can only be accessed via proprietary software that's Window and Mac exclusive.

I guess the device was designed to be used with a Windows laptop or a MacBook and then the lack of hardware level indicators is probably not an issue. I am sure one could get used to it, but after months of using PreSonus Studio 24C that lack of level indicators felt absolutely perplexing to me.

Another unique feature is a secondary micro-USB port on the back that can make the device take power fro ma power bank, separate from the USB-C socket connected to a computer.

Not a good choice for your desk.

Conky für den Linux Desktop

Benutzt ihr Conky, den Systemmonitor für den Desktop, auf eurem GNU/Linux?
Xubuntu mit Xfce und Conky.
Das ist mein Xubuntu Desktop mit Xfce und Conky im Jahr 2020.

Wie sieht eurer Conky aus?
#Linux #Desktop #Conky

So many! #linux itself, Firefox, LaTeX, #emacs, #python, all the research software I use daily. They all make my life enjoyable and my work possible

Tuba is a Magnificent New Mastodon App for #Linux - #opensource #gtk #fediverse
tuba linux fediverse client



DoomLinux: A bash script to build a minimal Linux just to play Doom on boot #Linux

An Eevdf CPU #Scheduler for #Linux

Just converted this cheap $30 Lenovo N42 Chromebook into a full fledged #Linux desktop running bulletproof #nixos and #flatpak with 8+ hours battery life!

Should I do a tutorial on how to do this, or am I the only crazy person into cheap old hardware?

Linux powers everything and so often you come across broken #Linux Tux logo too. Ha!

Here we see a bunch of #Linux users enjoying freedom and privacy with their choice of distro :P Hah! What's your choice of Linux distro to get this kind of peace & customization on your desktop or laptop?

#Linux Ubuntu 22.x LTS Kernel updates are out

(20220329.git681281e4-0ubuntu3.11) over (20220329.git681281e4-0ubuntu3.10)


Just updated.

Changelog, no clue.

Work Underway to Add Accent Color Support to GNOME #gnome #linux
a screenshot of the WIP accent color work being proposed for GNOME

Eignet sich #Ansible eigentlich auch dazu, den eigenen #Linux Laptop einzurichten?

Macht das jemensch von euch?

Also dass als Target einfach Localhost angegeben wird? 🤔

So in case anyone was wondering why #reddit was down for many hours recently? Apparently #Kubernetes 1.24 got rid of node labels with the word "master", because when people see that word they get an uncontrollable urge to enslave other people I guess.

IT is full of corrupt terminology, like forking a child process. Every time I see the term parent I get the urge to stop programming and start procreating.

#operations #linux

It's not about windows

#manjaro #linux
Original tweet :

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

GNOME 44 Review: the one that listened to the users

Portmaster is a free and open-source application firewall that does the heavy lifting for you. Restore privacy and take back control over all your computer's network activity.

Available for Linux and Windows.


NextDNS compatible: #OpenSource #Privacy #Firewall #Software #Linux

It would be wild and amazing if #AsahiLinux stuff eventually let us run #Linux distros on iPads and such, too.

✨ Killport: Simple CLI Tool to Free Ports in Linux

Sometimes when developing, I accidentally close the IDE or the terminal which will cause port getting occupied issue. I manually find the process and kill it. This tool will come in handy now

#rustlang #programming #linux
Windows politely ask the process to kill itself

And linux will kill the process violently, lol

Do you want to flush the DNS cache on #Linux?
Step 1: Find caching service name
sudo lsof -i :53 -S

Step 2: Restart the service
say it is systemd-resolve:
sudo systemd-resolve --flush-caches
sudo systemd-resolve --statistics

See for more info.

One day in May in 1997, I tried #RedHat #Linux. Interestingly, it booted directly from CD on my laptop. Why couldn't Windows do this? I would discover that this Linux distribution did so much more on a basic install. I would discover my #ISP hosted a usergroup and helped me set up a webserver, mail server, static IP address, and so much more. A month later, I wiped out the windows partition I never used to make room for all the free applications and media I discovered. The computer was so much faster since I had control what part of applications compiled. Pretty soon, I was traveling to Atlanta for the Linux expo with many others around the world.

25 years later, seeing people struggle with Windows boggles my mind. I guess commercial software is like sugar in food. People can't quit. I no longer use any commercial Linux distributions as they share many types of hostile vendor lock in such as Microsoft.

#ArtixLinux #ArchLinux #FreeBSD #yearofthelinuxdesktop

Found this on other account. Please boost for reach: Fedora Linux is focusing on accessibility for the next five years. I'd love to see people with disabilities, very much including blind people, comment on this. If you're interested in Linux, or free and open source software, your voices are valuable. I hope Fedora finds our voices valuable too.
#accessibility #linux #fedora #foss

If you're a #Wallabag user, there's a neat #gtk app for #Linux worth checking out
white text reads: read it later, wallabag client. underneath that text is a screenshot of the app showing 4 stories saved.

#Unix legend Ken #Thompson announces he's switching From #macOS To Raspberry #Linux

Excellent work on a holistic light mode for GNOME. Currently GNOME has a dark mode and a “mixed mode” and the “mixed mode” is used when the light colour scheme is active. If that sounds inconsistent, that’s because it is.

The design work presented here would fix that and provide a consistent light mode:

View the design:

Join the discussion:

CC @gnome #gnome #design #colourSchemes #lightMode #darkMode #linux #fedora #foss

An "srandom" Linux kernel module source code project based on the xorshift PRNG that has been in development for 8+ years had made incorrect claims on security, inaccurate descriptions of the kernel CSPRNG, and offered some bad security advice.

#cryptography #security #linux

:tor: New Tor Browser Release & Changes Info

#HumanRights #privacy #tech #Tor #anonymity #anonymous #proxy #linux

This week in KDE: “More Wayland fixes”
#KDE #Plasma #KDEPlasma #Linux #FOSS #OpenSource @kde